Natural remedies

Hello. I am wondering if anyone has advice on any natural remedies for leg spasms please? They are driving me mad!

Magnesium can ease spasm and is a useful mineral, so no harm in trying.

I do take magnesium as well as Magnesium spray. Thanks.

To rule out the obvious, have you taken Baclofen? If yes, what has your experience been of it? It is generally well-regarded and as long as you get the dosage right for you, it usually works.

P.S. I also take Magnesium but it’s more for fatigue - was unaware it had claimed properties for spasms.

Yes, I did take Baclofen for months but it made no difference sadly.

Hiya there,
Apart from magnesium tablets and sprays, I also find stretching my muscles with a resistance band can really help with stiffness & spasms , along with applying heat with hot water bottle.

If you can tolerate it then having a bath with epsom salts is also really good.