My Christy Brown goes numb

since my first relaspe in my left leg i have since nicknamed it christy brown (after the film)

usually after a long quick walk it will go numb or tingly which is normal and not worried. but recently dont know is it due to the warmer weather but it feels like its gonna give way while walking.

yesterday it happened so quickly not sure did i slip on water (couldnt see any) or did the leg give way that i ended up flat on my a@#e

has anyone else experienced a feeling like their leg will give way?

I often feel like my legs are going to collapse but they never do, so I suppose I have learnt to trust them that they won’t.

Maybe just wait and see if it happens again. Maybe it was a one off!

The soles on my right foot go numb if I have stood up for too long too…heyho!

To be honest, I thought this thread was going to be about something else

I have problems with my legs during and after walking and I don’t walk far. I do get the tingling and sore type of pain and my left knee does give way sometimes, when I’m walking. Afterwards is when I feel numbness…my left side is my worse side too. I always go out with someone…it’s a pain


Both my ankles and both my knees are good at threatening to give way while I’m walking - they do it randomly and intermittently, I can go weeks with no problem then they’ll all take turns at threatening to collapse every few minutes for a couple of days. It’s one of the reasons I use a walking stick.

I my knees or ankles give way I tend to fall forwards and measure my length on the ground. There are several accident-at-work forms in my personnel file that say words to the effect of “I fell over fresh air”.

I have not found anything that stops the problem fully, although a physio gave me some exercises to strengthen my ankles and they helped.

Use a walking stick to make it a bit safer for yourself

I have been referred to orthotics for knee splinting and the lovely orthotics lady said she will look at ankle splints after we get the knee,s sorted :slight_smile:

My wrists “go” too even from something as small as scratching head…don,t scratch then !!!

GP thinks I have HMS but why now, I am past retiring age ? Do not remember being bendy when young.

My knees, hips and ankles can all get this feeling sometimes. So far the worst that has happened is that I have stumbled a bit but thanks to my stick I have stayed on my feet.

I seem to remember this happening a few times in my 20s so I was interested to read from Anon whose GP thinks they have HMS as I’ve never been diagnosed but I am very flexible - my brother always said my elbows bend the wrong way! My yoga teacher has also commented on this and told me to be extra careful with some postures. (I’ve found it very helpful with some of them though - I can get into some positions at the first attempt whilst everyone else is floundering )

Tracey xx

Yes!! A few weeks ago whilst walking across the patio. My right leg decided to fail causing me to faceplant a large fuschia bush in the rockery…!! Then on my back with my arms and legs flaying, like some kind of demented, giant tortoise cos I couldn’t get up by myself… Not one of my greatest moments!!! :smiley:

Hoppity, I do use a walking stick now. It doesn’t stop my knees or ankles collapsing under me but it does keep me upright.