What happens when your legs 'go wrong'??

Hi there - just an interest in knowing what happens when you are beginning to have trouble walking. How do your legs feel? Can you just be a bit ‘wobbly’ for a while and then it gets better? Can it happen just in the evening when you’re tired?

I seem very weak in my left leg at the moment - upper thigh and bit above knee seem to be the trouble spots. I’m trying to hide it from my kids but getting quite worried I’m slipping into a relapse. Seeing the neurologist tomorrow so will ask about it then but just want to know your experiences if anyone is happy to tell.



Hi Debc,

It was my right leg that dragged behind me, more in my calf and foot, although the top of my leg didn’t “feel” right.

Also at one time my left leg went completely numb.

Hope this helps in some way for you, but as you are seeing your neuro tomorrow they will be able to tell you more.

Take care.

Janet x

Hi Debs,

I’d answer yes to both your questions - it prob feels a bit different to all of us, but I’d imagine that with most, it can come and go (to an extent), and will be worse when tired. Explain your worries to your neuro and they’ll prob be able to explain more.

Luisa x

Hi D, well for me it began by feeling as if my left leg was made of wood. Sooo heavy and dragging, thent tripping me up.

I have PPMS-like symptoms, so I never did get any time off…even for good behaviour!

With RRMS, I guess there are worse and then better times.

Just be careful, eh? Perhaps a stick would help when it`s bad.

luv Pollx

my legs feel like someone is sitting on them all the time, so heavy and numb feeling , although i have rrms i dont get better in between .

I find it more difficult to walk with shoes on outside, whereas in th house im its more easier. Even things like clothes jeans affect th way i walk, if i havent got comfortable clothes on then walking goes mad.

We all seem to be effected on one side. And the ‘ms’ leg is heavy and dragging along because our brain is not getting the message to move it- so it is such a weight to lift and move. This causes problems with your spine and eventually the good leg suffers with joint problems as it has had to do all the work and some. My legs do not even look like a matching pair.The ms leg is thinner - lack of muscle - and is always purple in colour. l did - for a couple of years, have someone come to the house who did sports therapy massage. He concentrated on my bad leg and made such a difference - building up the muscle and improving the circulation. l can’t now afford the treatment - which is a shame. lf any of you live near a college that teaches sport therapy studies - then find out if they need ‘guinea pigs’ and go for treatment. Even aromatherapy and reflexology massage helps. But the sports massage is a deep muscle workout. At the college it is either free or very cheap - so go and spoil yourself.


Hi My problems started by falling over my own feet -I used to blame it on my shoes! That went on for years and I didn’t realise it was foot drop (Right side). Then my feet felt to heavey to lift and my walking got slower and slower - That lasted for a few year and I thought I was just getting old! Then I got pins and needles more opten and I thought I’d been crossing my legs too much - I got lots of jokes with that one! Finally one day I woke up and they wouldn’t respond at all and I ended up in hospital to try to get me back walking, but I had no balance and could feel my legs - lol legless.

I tried for a long time to get around using a walker but kept falling over an d brusing myself (apart from the bruising my legs got quite discoloured but HBOT helped that aspect). When I was falling 20 times a day I decided it was time for a scooter but these were too heavy for me as my arms are also starting on the same route as my legs did (every movement is an effort which has to be thought through).

I’m in a wheelchair now and can whiz around quite quickly and feel part of life again - I love gadgets that help give you some freedom. That’s life.

Hope your difficulties ease up soon.

((((Hugs)))) Mary

General feeling of stiffness and inability to make easily the usually automatic posture adjustments that keep a person upright.

Inability to lift the bad leg up properly, so it is double the work to make it lift enough not to trip me, and then that leg runs out of steam and I come to a standstill. Nature’s little way of telling me I’ve gone too far from home and it’s time to call a taxi.



Hi, I was diagnosed a few years ago now but still getting new symptons, just reading other peoples comments is such a huge help , my left leg is always the worst feels so heavy and clumsy , getting comfortable when sitting can quite litreally be a pain…