numbness in legs

The whole of my legs above my knees went numb recently in my relapse which has never happened before its causing mobility problems i am only able to walk pushing my baby in her pram i can walk around the house without it but couldnt walk down the road luckily im not housebound i just have to go everywhere with the pram i managed to walk to town and back today i was wondering how long shall i expect this to last will it go gradually or go completely all of a sudden i really want my legs back my partner goes back to work next week and my stairs are very steep i cant carry my baby down the stairs with numb legs i suppose ill have to sit her on my lap and shuffle down on my bum until they come back

Has anyone had this? X

Hi Catmummy

Numbness is one of my main symptoms that i get. Its always the left side. Very first time it happend, lost power in my left side. Thats when everything was put together and told i had MS !. I have had it a few times since, however didnt lose the power to walk and didnt intefere with work etc. Had a relapse in June last year for about 1 month with the numbness going from left of my neck right down to my left foot, normally it was only my left leg. It didnt effect my walking and could still attend work but stopped playing football until it went away. (not bad for a 41 yer old). Hope this helps.