TV [not MS]

I was just wondering if any of you have recently watched a programme that you loved as a child and then realised how hysterically bad it is as an adult?

The other day I watched an episode of 321 with Ted Rodgers. I loved loved it when I was little and would sit with my dad trying to work out the clues and would be delighted if they won the bin [don’t think I actually realised they got an actual bin not Dusty]

Well I sat watching crying with laughter, the acts were beyond awful and those clues were so random they were impossible to get, so funny who made them up, a bit like… ‘It’s made of metal and can transport things and some don’t like it’ Is it the bin or a car oh no… Its a holiday to Greece!!! And Ted, well what could you say about his comedic genius!!! Classic.

What Fun


Hi, we always found the clues very difficult to fathom.

I watched an old Family Fortunes the other day, with Les Dennis. The fashions! All the clothes were big and baggy…much like the ones I wear now!


The Double deckers…who would have thought Scooter would become Harry Pearce!

I loved Daktari with Clarence the cross eyes lion!!

Shazzie xx

when I was younger I loved Bagpuss and I don’t care how dated it looks I will always love Bagpuss.

When i got a bit older I loved watching Blakes 7 - which has not dated well either. But I believe they are going to remake it.

Sapphire & Steel was another good one - I recently bought the box set of it and it was so good to watch it all again.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Helen

JBK xx

Oh yes Sapphire and Steel loved that totally forgotten. Didn’t know they did a box set, that is so going on my Christmas list!

That reminded me I loved Randall and Hopkirk [deceased] as well.

Really showing my age now [anyone under forty probably won’t have heard of these] Remember Pipkins and the Herb Garden with Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog and Sir Basil???

Helen x

Totally agree about Little House on the Prairie! I used to love this as a child, and recently set my box up to record every episode as it was being shown right from the very first pilot episode. I ended up with almost 100 episodes recorded, but having watched the first 3 or 4 I decided it wasn’t as wonderful as I remembered, and deleted them all!!!

Does anyone remember Land of te Giants? I used to love that programme, but suspect it may not be quite as wonderful as I remember from my childhood!

Aww Bagpus.loved him. Still have a Bagpus hot water bottle. The Magic Roundabout - Dylan one cool rabbit.

The oldies amongst us will remember Tales of the Riverbank, The Wooden Tops, Bill and Ben, Andy Pandy, Trumpton. Life seemed so less complicated then.

But do you remember Mr Piper? I am sure this was part of a longer programme, he scared me to death and made my sister cry, finger mouse also gave me the creeps, although I was too old for it anyway, my cousin liked it

Just remembered I did buy a couple of DVDs last year, one was ‘The flip side of Dominick Hide’ (Harry Pearce again!) and ‘First Born’ with Charles Dance, remember there being quite an uproar about this when it first was shown!

Talking about finger puppets, does anybody remember the name of the sock puppet [think it might have been a lamb] with a blonde woman called Sheri. It was shockingly bad but its driving me mad because I can’t remember its name.

Helen x

that was Lampchop I believe


Was it Lamb Chop Helen???

Shazzie xx

Great minds think alike Kelly!!!

Shazzie xx

JBK and Shazzie, thank-you thank-you it was driving me crazy

Helen x

And fools seldom differ hun hehe

JBK xx

We’re showing our age a bit here!! Oh dear!!

Does anyone remember Casey Jones? (the bloke on a train!!)

Shazzie xx

Sapphire and Steel will have to go on my Christmas list too, it used to spook me out every week and I loved David McCallum and Joanna Lumley. At the opposite end of the scale I used to like Chance in a Million about the same decade and had no idea Simon Callow was a Shakespearian actor until I saw him years later in more serious roles. I bet he blanches when he sees old clips of Chance but it used to have me in stitches. It is also out on DVD through Amazon so I’m adding that to my wish list too.

As a young child I used to love Andy Pandy (I had a Looby Loo felt rag doll until my brothers pulled her to bits and threw her legs out of the window), also The Herb Garden, Trumpton and the similar Camberwick Green. When my brother was very young we used to watch Barnaby the Bear with him and Paddington.

When we were a bit older we used to watch Bullseye on a Sunday as a family. My son and I watch the old repeats now and he finds it hilarious. He can’t believe how non PC it was - on one episode a black female contestant came out and Jim Bowen said to her “you’re clearly not from round here”. Jamie also thinks it is so funny how the only time the main prize is a car is when they don’t win it and when they win the challenge they get a speedboat and they’re probably from Birmingham .

Oh happy days.

Tracey x

Oh Shazzie yes. Casey Jones leaning out of the engine with his cap on now I have the theme tune buzzing around my head… Boy oh boy how we show our age. What about Ivor the Engine or The Clangers. Simple pleasures.

Yeh!!! How brill. What a good post Helen. Cheered us all up!!

Sing along:

"Casey Jones steamin and a rollin

Casey Jones ???

When you hear the tootin of the whistle

It’s Casey Jones at the realm of the Canonball Express!!!"