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Allo mateys.

Did anyone see last night`s tv programme about 2 disabled mums?

one had dwarfism with something else, she was so pretty with lovely red nails and braided hair. She had a little boy almost 2. His dad was 6ft 3ins! The relationship had broken up, but little Tre saw his dad often. There were times when his mum really struggled with the terrible twos tantrums.

She was just like any other mum, trying to discipline her little lad. She worried that when he grows taller than her, shed struggle to get him to respect and obey her. She was shown getting him into a car, with a special seat. As Tre gets bigger, she is unable to carry him and he did run off a bit, near the road. Her kitchen units had all being lowered and Tre was able to reach dangerous things. She said, Im not a monster who shouldnt have children`, but she received some nasty looks and comments.

The second family shown, was a mum and dad who had 2 children and she was expecting their 3rd. Now she was a Boudica type…full of fight and courage to live how she wanted. She had the new baby and lifted her by her teeth, changed her nappy that way too.

Her disability was having fused bones. She couldnt move her arms or legs. At the end of the programme, she had insisted on getting some leg braces to help her stand. She hadnt stood or walked since she was a young child. She got the braces and forced herself to stand, leaning on a wall. She said next year she will walk.

She said you can do anything if you wanted it enough.

What do we all think about this?

I`d love to walk again, but i know and accept I never will.

luv Pollx

i am a great believer in positive thinking and good mental attitudes are important,BUT sometimes positive thinking just isnt enough to make us function again,if the body or brain is damaged beyond repair

i am a toughie,i have been through things .that some people will never experiance, and i have always come through it,i have a very strong will and i am a ‘fighter’ too, but my ms is that bad that it doesnt allow me to walk more than a few steps,at the moment i can hardly get out of bed, i have had to be in bed for 10 months,not because i am ‘giving’ in to my ms,like some people think i am,but because the damaged myelin in my brain,wont allow me to function normally,it upsets me when ‘people’ think i dont try hard enough,if only they knew.

I thought both these mums were brilliant, but the lady with the 3 children was incredible. She was so determined to do everything an able bodied mum would do. When she picked up her newborn with her teeth like a lioness I wanted to cheer her! Both she and her husband were just so matter of fact about her condition and didn’t want special treatment. It made me feel humbled. Deb x

Hi anon, it isnt fair or helpful for you when they say you`re giving up.I know you havent done that.

I think it is harder to carry on and not give up.

You will do whatever you feel is necessary, until you gain some strength. I hope that is soon.

Hi deb, That mum of 3 worried me when moving her baby around with her teeth…incase she dropped her! But what courage and tenacity!

luv Pollx

Sounds an interesting programme. What was the name of the programme and what channel/time was it on? Hopefully I can catch it on ‘on demand’. I’d like to see it

Hi Tilly, cant remember now. It was on about 3/4 nights ago. cant even recall which channel. Sorry to be so woolly headed!

luv Pollx

Looked back at my original post, which was dated 27th…so it must`ve been on 26th.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, Found it!!! For anybody who wants to see on ‘On Demand’ - A special kind of Mum, BBC 3 Wed 27th March x

Glad you found it Tilly.

luv Pollx