60 minute makeover

So as I’m on maternity leave I’m sometimes watching too much daytime TV. Anyway I was watching 60 minute makeover this afternoon and now I’m kind of spooked. They we’re making over a house that was lived in by a man and his daughter. The mother had passed away. Now her story goes as follows. She was diagnosed with ms at the tender age of 20 and she was in remission for many years. She then had an accident which involved her, the pram and her baby on the front steps. Her ms then reared it’s ugly head and she never recovered from that accident. She was then bed bound. Now this scares the hell out of me. I wouldn’t normally watch anything that showed the bad side of ms but I had no idea this story would be so bleak. My head is now kind of screwed. Did anyone else see it? X

I havent seen it but think you must have seen a repeat, it freaks me out too but im also slowly thinking about the fact that we could get run over by a bus tomorrow and not have the chance to progress etc. So enjoy day to day. Easier said though, we hope we will manage but get reminders all the time. Hard to get our heads around. Sending hugs x

Hello Lisa I can understand how you feel but I don’t make those connections. I nursed people in the hospice with MS who came in for respite care. They were in a much worse condition then me. You are going to be a mum soon…how lovely for you. Try to be happy and not to dwell on the programme. Yes, it’s sad what happened to that family but sad things happen to people. Make the most of what you have and try not to worry too much about it. Do your best to think positive thoughts :slight_smile: Take care x