BBC news

Hi Everybody.

Did anyone else see the news tonight.It was to do with home care,and the women in the interview just happened to have MS.

So in a round about way they have showing both sides of the coin about MS.

Take Care All.


Yes I couldn’t help wonder how long before the lady in the interview was told to ‘get a job’. Sorry I’m being facetious but sometimes it makes you feel like that!



Hi Wendy.

No wonder the public get confused.It has confused me and i have had MS for 30 years now.

Take Care.


Where have all the other posts (including one I made!) gone from this thread?

This seems to be recurrent problem on this “new improved” board (ie vanishing posts). I don’t post often and this is the second time it’s happened to me.

Aah, I’ve just noticed the ‘missing posts’ sticky.

Yes - operator error I’m afraid, not the actual software.

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