Missing Thread ?

Just logged back in to catch up on a thread I was following earlier but I cant find ?

It was here a couple of hours ago ?

The thread was called something like "Why Work " , opened by Scudger .

Wheres it gone, am I going mad

I tried to click on the post and it wouldn’t open, so appears to have been disappeared. To be honest, I thought it was a bit of a daft question, because there is no right, or wrong answer and just depends on individual circumstances/attitude.


No you are not going mad it was quite popular and had lots of interest, I kept getting e mails about it. He has probably deleted it, because it was not popular with people who wanted to keep working even thought they had MS.


I did think it would open a bit of a debate if I’m honest. But as whammel correctly states, we are all different in how our MS affects us and how we deal with it.

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I was in the middle of answering it and the dam thing vanished. I don’t know whether Scudger didn’t like the fact that many of the respondents disagreed with his initial premise. Personally I found it quite easy to see both perspectives.

Many people wouldn’t ever work if they weren’t getting just about enough money from their job(s) to live. Preferably more money than they could get from state benefits. I’ve had jobs in my younger days that were badly paid, monotonous, and I just lived for the weekends and holidays. In those jobs, I’d have given anything to not have to work - so long as I had enough money to live.

But fortuitously, I found a job that I did well, that I even liked. Purely as a matter of chance, I happened upon a new career linked to the old one that suited me down to the ground. It paid well, it gave me job satisfaction and more importantly, I loved what I did.

I still miss my work. I still miss the old me. Having a disability kind of leaves us dependent and valueless in society (if we can’t do the work that empowered us). But I don’t blame anyone at all who says they can’t wait for retirement. Nor do I blame anyone for not wanting to work, when it’s so hard just living with MS.

Those of you who still work, who push themselves to carry on in employment, you have my admiration.



I removed it as Im fed up with irrelevant responses that evade the topic. Im not posting here anymore.

In that case , that applies to 99% of topics covered here.

Don’t you think it is a bit unrealistic to make a post on an open forum and expect everyone to agree with you?



Don’t you think it is a bit unrealistic to make a post on an open forum and expect everyone to agree with you?

[/quote] No. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for constructive input though.

Glad to see you decided to stay after all.


Hi Scudger I’m sorry you felt that, and if my responses contributed to you feeling that. It sounds like you didn’t have a great experience of working life, though I could be wrong on that. I guess for many of us though, the positives outweigh the negatives, and get a sense of satisfaction from it regardless of whether or not we’re better off. Dan


I didn’t realise a thread could be removed.

If you start a thread and decide you want it deleted, you simply hit the ‘delete’ tab (in a similar way to editing your post). You are warned that it’s permanent and that any replies to your thread will also be deleted.

I think it’s a little unfair as people who’ve taken the time to consider and reply to you will have wasted their efforts. It does of course perhaps make people aware that a given individual might not like their replies and delete the thread. This then has the effect of making people less likely (for a while at least) to answer your posts.



I agree Sue. I thought it was ok that post we were just chatting about a common thing in our lives did we or didn’t we etc etc.

If you don’t like the answers why throw dummy out of pram and delete it, just accept that not everyone agrees with what we have to say, but doesn’t mean the answers are less meaningful to others who may read them.

If i could work i would. I hated giving up my job. I still help people where I can even did a C.V. for someone the other day and she got the job i felt great doing that i did something worthy for a change. I even helped someone sort out a power point presentation he had to do for a job interview it really made me feel GREAT, useful, i loved it and he got the job. I used to do that when i worked helped people get jobs, i taught I.T. and put in courses to 11 learning satellite sites for a small college. I know microsoft and have advance MOUS in in the software, so its great to be able to help.

Lots of people work with MS as not everyone is even disabled with MS. we all know its a snowflake disease. I had a visit from a lady from MS society 2 years ago, and she had MS but i would never have known if she hadnt told me.

The idea of forums is to share things some good some bad, some things people wont agree with but thats cool. you just move on.