Did you see?


Yesterday morning on BBC2 (23/5) there was a program shown in an on going series called, Don’t get done in the sun. This particular episode focused on people with disabilties and the problems they encounter when booking and having holiday abroad.

There was even an MS person, Joanne Kitching, who had trouble with a very well known tour operator.

You can catch it on BBC I-player.

Very interesting and highlights quite a few things.


Thanks Marty… I’ll watch that.

Pat x (not that I ever go on holiday abroad… the very idea of even getting to the airport puts me off!)

Don’t you find there’s always a person with MS on these things? There was a mother with MS on the article on child carers on Channel 4 news the other night. And at least one MSer when the changes to DLA were in the news. I always hope it’s going to be a person with some other horrible degenerative disease, but it almost never is.

Yeh, I did see it and meant to post about it.

there is often someone with MS on most shows about disability.

The general public must think every other person has MS, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for this Marty. I will have a look.

Shazzie xxx