60 minute makeover

I was watching 60 minute makeover today and there was a man on,who lost his wife,to MS,and hers had turned aggressive after an accident,she was ok until the accident,when it progressed quickly,leaving her very disabled,it got me thinking, because in my teens and up to my late 20s i feel that i already had ms,but very mild until i had a really bad fall ,and injured the bottom of my spine,6 weeks later i had a very severe relapse that had me in hospital and tested for MS,which i got diagnosed with,i was 32 by then,i do feel that if i hadnt had that accident that my ms would have been very mild,and may have gone undetected, i have suspected for years now,that having a bad accident or fall brings MS on in leaps and bounds, i never felt well again after my accident,just thinking about it all,i suspect there are quite a few,who will have had the same thing happened.

J x

I watched it J. Very interesting and touching.

I was asked at diagnosis if there had been any stresses in my life as this can sometimes be the trigger. Before diagnosis I had loads of stress, divorce, redundancy, repossession, bankruptcy to name 4 but it went on for around 5 years before the diagnosis came out so I reckon that is what started mine off.

I felt for the daughter when she said that she wishes her mum could see the makeover.

Shazzie xx

Hi I didnt suffer an accident but feel the trauma of the birth of my daughter brought mine about on top of them getting the first spinal epidural wrong (wont admit liability though) was diagnosed very quickly after her birth she was born in the Jan of 94 and I was diagnosed June 94!! Sue x

From a laymans point of view I would suppose that if you have an immune system that attacks its own body and is then called into intense use through an accident or traumatic experience then the bit that attacks the body will also increase. If you get my drift.

Either that or its the demonic possession again. Thats still my preferred reasoning behind MS.

JBK xx

I blame my first relapse on my first very stressful Ofsted inspection at the end of 1998. Think it was fear of the unknown as Ofsted were fairly new then. Relapse early 1999. There must be triggers. Have virus now and lots of new sensory symptoms happening. Just hope it doesn’t worsen. Alternatively, had a car accident about 2 weeks ago. Blowout and ended up in hedge. Maybe the shock of that is the trigger? I guess we’ll never know. Just wish my cheek would stop twitching. xx

I was hit from behind in a car accident, this brought on my first attack of numbness in my arm and hand. I am currently without DX but have been given a possible MS DX by neurologist.

I am claiming damages against the other driver, but dont expect any sort of payout.

I had a truamatic birth with my daughter and had an epidural sue, and then when my son was born 3 years later he wasn’t well, and thats when I started to notice MS symptoms, but unlike you took 7 years to get a diagnosis.

Mel x

My Mum had benign MS for many years until she had a bad car accident, which 'kick-started 'it again.

I started getting symptoms for the first time in 2003, after 2 years of continuous personal stress.

Although I don’t think that these things can cause MS, I’m convinced that they are a contributing factor…

Exactly the same as me Bambi 19 !!


Exactly the same as me Bambi 19 !!

[/quote] Makes you wonder dosen’t it