Fiends needed

Friends with a bit of understanding needed please!

Feeling a bit alone at the minute, and slightly sorry for myself!

I’m a single mum, with a 6 year old, who is gorgeous, but has a broken ankle :frowning:

Work too hard through the day time, and sit alone in the evenings, worrying… Think I need help!

Jo xx

That was meant to say friends!!! Shows you how much my typing has gone down the pan recently!!! Lol!

Hi Jo

You sound really fed up.

Just wanted to send you ((((hugs))) and let you know that we are all here for you!!! Whenever you need us!!!

Try and take care of yourself as well as your little one.

Shazzie xx

Sorry Jo!

That all sounds rubbish. I only came here the other day after lurking for ages and they are all very nice people. (well they have put up with me jabbering on for days)

So have a strugglehuggle ((hug)) and chin up.

Hope things get better soon. And if your little one has a cast on, get some pens and drew some smile’s together :slight_smile:

Strudders x

Hi Jo

The forum seems a bit quiet at this time of night but I’m sure there will be lots of replies for you tomorrow. I’m a single mum too, my son will be 18 very soon and I have brought him up on my own for the past 16 years. It was tough when he was little but now I wonder how those years flew by so quickly.

Is your 6 year old a boy or girl? I’m assuming you have MS, you have my full admiration. I was diagnosed 2 years ago when Jamie was 16 and I am so glad I did not get this cr@ppy illness when he was very young. He doesn’t mine me sleeping when I need to; this must be one of the few households where the adult sleeps more than the teenager :lol: . He’s always saying it’s like living with a very large cat because if he can’t find me he knows I will be curled up asleep somewhere :lol: .

Do you still work as well? Sorry, I know I’m being nosy but it all helps me to understand :wink: . I remember when Jamie was young and I used to work part-time, clean the house every day, cook proper dinners every night, play football in the garden every day, bath him, read a bedtime story and then spend the evening doing laundry or more housework or gardening on a fine evening, before collapsing into bed at about 11pm at night. I look back now and think I must have been Wonderwoman :roll:

Do you have any single friends who can pop round in the evenings and keep you company? Or can you chat on-line via facebook or similar? Anything to stop you worrying and feeling sorry for yourself.

By the way, I loved your heading. This site can’t promise any ‘fiends’ but it has certainly had more than it’s fair share of gremlins already :slight_smile:

Take care (and stop worrying)

Big hug and xxx, there are not a lot of people on, maybe because of the trauma on here the last week or so, but once it gets cracking, you`ll have loads of replies.

Having MS can be a lonely thing, but it will look a lot different in the morning and you little one will improve. So buck up and paint a smile on even if you dont feel like it, not only will it cheer up your son but itll make you feel better.

XX :sunglasses:

Hi Jo, just wanted to say, turn that frown upside down :slight_smile: Take care, Suz xx

Hi their.
I am a single mom too :lol:

There is a few of us around isn’t there , maybe we should start a club :sunglasses:

My Daughter is 12 and she behaves like Kevin - do you remember him??
My Son is 10 in a few days time and he is competing to play the role of Perry!
I love them to bits , but gosh its hard work and they do not understand the difficulties of neurological problems!

I bet you are a wonderful Mom.
Your child is lucky to be loved so much :smiley:
I am sorry to hear how you are feeling today.
Where do you live?
I am in Mid -Wales

We are all here for you and loads of hugs sent to you tonight dear friend

Hi Jo, just wanted to say, turn that frown upside down :slight_smile: Take care, Suz xx

hi joe you’ve come to the right place hope things start to improve soon,make sure you rest when you can!!
hope little one gets thier plaster off soon
love kathy :shock: :

Hi Jo

Here’s a huge ((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))to help replace your frown with a smile.

Take care


Sounds like you have your hands full at the moment. Hopefully your 6 year old will be able to go back to school, even though they have a broken ankle?
Although now is probably not the best time, it might be an idea to contact your local MS group to see if they have any social events that you might be interested in? Getting out and about can help, plus you will get the opportunity to talk to people who know exactly how you feel and what you are going though. You could also call the helpline, it does help if you can discuss your feelings.
There is lots of advice on this site, or hopefully will be when things settle down with the new format!
Best wishes