Only child and MS

Hiya folks - I’ve had a tough year - my dad died suddenly last year and left my Mum (80) but doing well, however she fell and broke her arm, needed an op to fit a pin and the subsequent hospital appointments etc, as well as keeping my garden and now hers, plus I have to take her for the “grocery” shop, every Saturday. My eldest son took a nervous breakdown and thank God, is on the way back to better mental health…Mum’s brother (my uncle) lives beside us, as well, he is 78 and has a bad tremour plus urinary incontinence, spends alot of his day sleeping but decided last week to start his car but managed to damage it in his own yard then tried to walk up to my Mum, tripped and fell flat on his face, breaking his nose and another hospital admission, to which I have been down the last 4 days/nights trying to get everything in place to get him home as well with the care package that he needs (he already has a care package in place)…and I have MS…thankfully fairly stable but what a time I’ve had…my Missus has been my rock but we have to respect our elders but I’m at my wits end…what will it be next…? Sorry for the rant…


just to say i have read ur post. blooming heck-that is alot to deal cope with BUT you are doing it-i salute you.

take care of u remember ellie

You’ve had a lot to deal with. Nice you care about ur relatives Hope you get a break soon x

Thanks folks - I don’t want to sound like a “woe is me” but the elderly, do depend so much on us - I guess…and i’m not the type of guy to walk away and being an only child, there are no siblings to share the burden…

Hi, I am sorry to hear of the awful time you have had and are still having.

I want to point you in the direction of your Community Matron. Are you in Scotland? If so I am not sure if they will have these CMs there. But if not, there may be an equivalent. You can access them via your GP surgery.

These bods deal very swiftly with problems for the elderly.

I have had personal experience of this.

Good luck.

luv Pllx

I am in Northern Ireland Poll and they do care packages and I do need the pressure eased, if possible…was speaking to the social worker today and she was brilliant to be fair, so fingers crossed for a bit of “me” time…all comments, really appreciated…

Hello Redman It’s really great how much you support your family and I do admire you for that. At the same time, you need to look after yourself. Please think about going to your gp and asking for some support, there will be some. The reality is, if your MS does become more unstable, then it’s much better now to have things in place. Of course, I hope you remain reasonably stable :slight_smile: Take care xx

Thanks Blossom…

Well done for coping so far but do try and get some me time