Being a dad with MS on the telly

Hi all

Not sure if you’ve seen the trailers but C4 has a show called ‘Daddy Daycare’ on tonight.

One of the dads has MS and has written a blog post for the main website.

If you watch it report back here and let us know what you thought!

Greg [admin]

DONE - thanks. (I’ve put it on ‘record’ on my Sky box - Flash or what?)


Thanks for that Greg.

I’ve set a record for it, I almost ignored it as I thought it was probably some american trash, not that I have anything against amercans of course.


Set up to record!

Activities at the San Siro take first preference, but the i player will come in handy.

Thanks for the tip.


I didnt watch the whole programme. My daughter had recorded it and when MS was mentioned she called me through. So, I saw the bit where ‘he’ (sorry-forgot name already!) organised the bus to go to the nursery.

Initially he reminded me of myself! I worked in a nursery for under 5’s for a couple of years, prior to that a Staff Nurse for 10 years.

His enthusiam and need to cram ‘it all in’ I fully understand! However, as a single Mum of 4 kids who continued to work for one year following diagnosis I soon realised this theory does not work!

It is possible to live a full life (for self and kids) but it takes a tad more thought and planning. My kids continued to go to after school clubs, nights out etc etc etc-all that youngsters do-but they appreciated that maybe they had to go with a friend rather than me. (Its ok to ask for help and/or lift share I discovered!)

Whilst they are at school (9-3) then I use some of the time to catch up on zzz and some to catch up with friends. I manage light housework-a cleaner hoovers/washes floors and cleans the bathroom. Sometimes I have to cancel arrangements-thats ok! Cos I have learned that being (or trying to be!) Superwoman just ends up with me in a worse state! I find that if I organise and plan as much as possible then life is good. I even ‘book’ some time with myself at least once a week!

Might get round to watching the whole programme-I aint a lover of tv-give me a phone to yap on anyday!

Feel free to pass my comments on Greg-or maybe ‘he’ reads here anyway

Ellie x (ps my sincere apologies re ‘he’-I have MS you know!)

Me again!

Just followed your link to Gary’s story!

Well done Gary I say!

Ellie x

Hello everybody hope you are well.

I watched this it morning & really enjoyed it , however the first thing I thought whilst watcing it was ignorant people who know nothing about MS will think that everybody with MS is like this & they can work if they wan’t to work. That is why I did not tell anyone that I had MS when I had no visible signs of MS. As all of us with MS know it is the invisible signs that affect us the most. Having said that it was funny that the men on there had no idea how hard it is to look after kids. Sorry to all the men reading this because I am sure you are not all like these men.