Hey, This thread is for Pheonix (hope you dont mind!), and other parents newly diagnosed with MS...

A POSITIVE thread for all Moms and Dads to share all they fun things you have done with your children, and the fun times you have had despite having MS... places youve been and how  you still enjoyed parenthood to the fullest...

I loved your reply to Pheonix and so pleased to see your photo.


Thank for starting this thread - it is just what I was hoping to achieve and without all the depressing-ness of my own post! I hope lots of people will post their stories.

:-) Thanks Pip... and Pheonix no problem... might get more replies a bit later as everyone probably still out on the daily grind lol

Hi I was diagnosed with RRMS when my children were 3 and 1. They are now 19 and nearly 17. Oldest is at uni,youngest about to start 2nd year at college. Yes times have been difficult especially as we have no family living nearby. But we have had loads of great times since my dx. Been to Florida,Canada where we went white water rafting,The Canaries,Spain and last year went to Australia where we snorkelled on Great Barrier Reef.

Ten years ago we bought a puppy, he is now 10 and he helped me get out of the house to walk him,since then added another dog. I still work part time in a job I enjoy.

Having children to look after has taken my mind of this horrible condition and thankfully whilst they were little my MS didn't bother me. Infact I only told them I had MS last Summer when we came back from Australia and I was about to start DMD. I had decided when I got dx that I wanted them to get through their childhood without them worrying about their Mum having MS. I realise that this is not always possible if symptoms are more obvious.

My advice to any parents with MS is make the most of each day with your children-even simple things like playing board games, doing jigsaws,try and spend time with them and make the most of any help from family,friends etc..

Another fun thing came to light this evening... BATH TIME!!  Lol Little One LOVES being squirted with the toys in the bath, and hes just figured out how to splash! :-D

hi phoenix

my 2 sons were 19 and 20 yrs old when i was dianosed.

although i can't share all the little things that make life fun with young children, i'd like to share the fact that i am so proud of them. they are my life's best achievement!

enjoy your babies and make the most of every day as best you can

love carole xxxxxhappyflower

I was dx last year when my sons were 5 and 1yrs. I was devastated I couldn't run about with them and do physical things but I've stopped feeling guilty. As they have got older they can manage this stuff on their own and I do the easy bits. We have loads of fun. To be honest I am so glad I have them to keep me so busy, I don't get much time to dwell on the bad things!

Nice to hear from some people...

Do we have no more parents... or is no one having any fun?

I have been diagnosed since march and whilst I thought the bottom was going to fall out of my world this hasnt been the case. My kids are 10,5 and 4 and the liveliest and loveliest little bunch you will ever meet. Yes I know I am biased.

I have been off work since diagnosis and have been fortunate to spend so much time with them. We may not do fun or exciting things but what we do we do together. I know its a cliche but this diagnosis has made me appreciate my family so much. Every weekend we go to our holiday home by the beach the kids go out every morning and come back when they want something with dirty faces and dirty clothes but always with big smiles. They absolutely love it and while I am not doing as much with them like running around playing catch I know I am giving them memories that they will have when perhaps I am just not as well as I am now.

I hope other parents enjoy the good times and appreciate every day with their little ones because they will not always be little but they will always be loved.



I was diagnosed in 2001, after 5 years of "unusual symptoms".  The month later I got pregnant with my first.  MS is good for pregnancy.  I had 2 children within 2 years and they got the best of me.  We did lots, mummy climbed, and ran and taught bike riding and for a couple of years I was a single parent.  They got used to the time I had to take grumpy medicine (steroids).  I always used to feel that I had more to prove with my MS so pushed myself to my limits.  After a bit gap in 2011 I had my youngest, I'd just finished my second course of steroids in 3 months the month before I conceived her.  Pregnancy was great, labour nearly killed both of us (but thats because she decided to become a fashion victim early and had her cord wrapped around her 3 times).  Since I've had her the fun mum has gone.  I always knew it was a risk to have another, but I've felt permanently under the weather, I still take her out and about as I did the others, but I can't always do the actions to the okey cokey at music class, and I run out of inclination and attention span to talk to people at toddler group.  We go to the park most days after school, mainly for me as they have other people to play with and I can sit on the grass.  The big ones have learnt to be helpful, they are trained to go upstairs for an hour at the weekend after lunch to I can rest.  The little one is already learning she has to help, reaching out for her tooth brush, trying to put her shoes on.  I don't want them to lose their childhood so I push myself to let them have the opportunites I think they should have.