Magazine Article....Full-time dad with MS

Hi All, I hope everyone is well? I just thought I would drop you all a note to say that I wrote an article for Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine following the birth of my baby girl, Kayla in March this year. The magazine decided thay liked the article and are publishing it in their November issue which will be on sale later this month. It is about my struggles with MS, but mainly about how my daughter has buoght me a whole new lease of life and keeps me positive. My wife has gone back to work so I am now a full time dad (with MS). If anyone does decide they would like to read it, I would be most grateful for any feedback as for my aim, along with the magazine was to hopefully show other people that life doesnt end with a diagnosis. Following that article, I have also been asked to consider writig other articles, but am still lacking a bit of confidence so as I say any feedback, good and bad would be welcome. Thanks Steve

Not a magazine I get, but wanted to say WELL DONE :smiley: Karen x

Hi Just wanted to say well done on writing the article. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and it all happened very quickly. I turned 30 in August and have two young children and I work full time and I hope it stays that way. I have had a couple of bad weeks worrying about what the future holds and haven’t always been able to get through to my MS Nurse to ask questions and the support group isn’t quite up and running yet. It is so lovely to hear about people who have been diagnosed for a while but still coping and active, it really helps. I would take the opportunity if offered to you as it will really help people. Tracey