New here ... i think i have progressive ms

Hi everyone I’m new …well I have been having unexplained problems for a number of years had a MRI two years ago (no conclusive findings) still been having neurologists appointments every six months had a lumbar puncture last September. Had an appointment on Thursday and was told that I may have progressive ms (need to have more tests maybe another MRI but it looks likely that it’s true).

Finding it hard to cope with, just become father for first time my daughter is five weeks old. Very worried about the future. I know others with ms and know how their lives were affected is there others on here that can reassure me that it can be coped with.

Reading the section on symptoms I realised I have experienced a large number of these over the last 5 or more years didn’t realise they could be connected or were MS. Symptoms include muscle weakness, spasms in legs and feet. Problems swallowing , constipation, dizziness and some memory issues. I know these can be attributed to other illnesses but I am now convinced I have ms.

Anyone who can share their experiences? I’m 38 years old

Hello hun. Your post touched me…being a new dad should be the most wonderful time…having ms like problems is bound to cloud it. But try not to lose hope, enjoy that little one to the best of your abilities.

Hope the appointment goes well…if it is MS, then do ask/find out what help there is out there…meds, living aids etc.

Congrats to you and your lady for the baby.

luv Granny Pollx


So sorry to hear about that - what a shock. I saw a neuro today (diagnosed me with RRMS), who said that having progressive MS doesn’t mean you’re going to have a quick downward curve - it can be very slow, like 1 degree every year or more - so, just as with the other types of MS it’s difficult to set a prognosis and isn’t the end of the world. I don’t know if that helps but just wanted to send good vibes and pass that on…

Good luck with it all,


Hello. Congratulations on becoming a dad for the first time…very exciting!!

I was diagnosed with MS last august. My symptoms are more or less the same today as the were last year…I’m primary progressive.

Just because its progressive, doesn’t follow that it will progress until one becomes really disabled. Read the information on this website, it will really help you understand.

We are all unique in our MS but also similar in our symptoms. If it does turn out to be MS, then it will be a lot for you to deal with. Give yourself time to come to terms with it all…its a bit like going through the grieving process.

Enjoy being a father to your baby girl…such a wonderful time.

Keep coming on here for support

Take care


Thanks to everyone for their comments, of course I am very happy about my baby girl and I am doing all I can to enjoy the experience of fatherhood and will continue to do so but I am having to come to terms with the reality of my new life. Having read loads about ms and progressive ms in particular l am convinced the diagnosis is correct. What I would love to know is how you cope at work etc , have you had sympathetic employers? How did your family’s react, partner? I love my wife dearly but I don’t think she really believes me either about my symptoms or my likely diagnosis…

My neurologist didn’t really give any support said thought it was MS and then shook my hand and said he’ll be in touch…oh and gave me a prescription for baclofen. Is this the usual experience of others or just me… a former neurologist said I just had over active leg muscles and it was normal and another doctor thought my back pain was tight trousers… have you had support and how do you cope if you haven’t had great doctors… Just curious really!

By the way this site is very good

Take care