hi there im new

My husband has been diagnosed with progressive ms .we have 2 grown up children hubby is 42 .just feel like we have been hit with a brick and wondered how other people cope in x


Know exactly how you feel although i been diagnosed 5 years now but back then work stopped, money stopped, and have a family to support. At the time it was either MS a stroke or a Tumor and had to wait 3 months to find out.

Almost declared bankrupt and has took us 5 years to get to any level of normality.

However it shows there is a bright side to things and often light at the end of the tunnel but be prepared for surprises MS often has a habit of springing those on you.

Hello and Welcome,

I cope one day at a time. That sounds simple but was a real sea change in my approach to life before. Good luck to you both. It is easier to deal with one issue at a time and this forum is good for advise.

All the best