TV [not MS]

Oh yes Bullseye fabulous and Jim’s jokes awful. You just have to cringe now. I also thought Stan Boardman was so funny with his jokes about Germans and the war now I would sooner rip my own eyes out. How times change.

Do you remember Rent-a-Ghost with Grotbags?

Helen x

I am going to say Ray Alan and Lord Charles, does anyone remember Ice Cabaret? and ‘Mike’ the boom microphone (Ray Alan (obviously!)

Do you mean the one about the German Fokker 109 Aircraft Helen?

Even worse - do you remember Love Thy Neighbour? How racist was that? I can’t believe they were ever allowed to show it. Also Alf Garnett on In Sickness and In Health. I know the joke was on him for being such a bigot but they would never be allowed to air such a thing these days, there would be a public outcry.

I do remember Rent-a-Ghost, it was terrible. I don’t have rose coloured specs on with that one lol.

I did used to love It’s a Knockout but the memory of that is tarnished now with Stuart Hall’s recent court case. I used to think that was a good innocent slapstick programme. Our local CITB base used to host its own version in the summer and it was hilarious.

Tracey x

Shazzie yes oh it positively hurts to remember it [Freddie Starr with those wellingtons is in the same bracket]

Dinks yes the Clangers. The Soup Dragon doing impressions round my room [yes I am on my own]

What about Scoobydoo? There was only ever one suspect and they never explained how he managed to become invisible??? Why did Daphne never change her outfit and what was with the scarf???

Scooby Doo obviously from the same camp as Secret Squirrel. How did he manage to fold a car up into a suitcase? What about Crackerjack. The kids used to get so excited about a Crackerjack pencil. Can’t imagine kids today being that impressed! Or for the adults Blankety Blank a cheque book and pen. How about Basil Brush - Boom Boom. A trip down memory lane - ideal for a Sunday evening.

So funny!!! We are all laughing thinking back.

Just thought of one more

Wheel tappers and shunters club. Used to be on late on a night. And the Good Old Days!!


My typing and commerce teacher’s nickname was, the soup dragon, her son was my form teacher, lot of families teaching at my school, husbands and wives, mothers and sons and fathers and sons! and even a husband and wife and their son!

Shazzie are you sure you don’t mean ‘for your delectation and delight’ The Good Old Days? Our next door neighbours always wanted to be in the ausience, they liked am dram and dressing up!

All these memories are brill. I used to love the story time at the end of the show with Basil and Mr Roy and good old Dirty Gertie from number 30 still makes me giggle. After that it used to be Dr Who and I would hide behind a cushion. Darlecks still freak me out.

Does any one know anyone who got a crackerjack pencil or a blue peter badge or whatever you got off Magpie [can’t remember]

Helen x

Can’t imagine anybody being particularly happy with the cabbages either (on Crackerjack!)

Yes, Helen I had a Blue Peter badge - carried great kudos at school. Wish I knew where it was now. It was only the plain one not the special Gold Blue Peter badge. Never had a crackerjack pen. My friend called her dog Crackerjack and that was the nearest either of us got to the real Crackerjack. Anyone remember Follyfoot?

Oh my word, such wonderful memories!

Yes, Dinks, I used to love Follyfoot!

Great Purpledot I thought I had imagined it and it was just a book I had read. Didn’t it have a tree that had been struck by lightening in the opening sequence? Brilliant thread thoroughly enjoying the trip down memory lane.

And what about Metal Micky and Lost in Space. And yes Maude I think it was that one that I was on about For your Delecatation and Delight The Good Old Days. I also remember running home from school to watch Crossroads. What lovely memories!

Shazzie xx

Crossroads with Benny and Miss Diane and the wobbly sets. Those were the days.

I can’t post a link, but follyfoot opening titles are on youtube, along with white horses…yes I liked horses!

The Flaxton Boys, seemed to be on all day on Sunday

The Swiss family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe and various other eadly dubbed series, one about Heidii. and what Katy Did oh and the Moomins (although that’s from watching when my son was little, I have no excuse for loving Mopatops)

If you like horses what about Champion the Wonder horse with Rex the dog oh skippy the bush kangaroo