wow-what a morning! (not ms)


what a morning! i have been transported back to my childhood! in reality its a wet,windy, miserable halloween day, but in my head i am at the wrestling with my grandad. the real stuff of course (?!) not the modern stuff. big daddy (have his autograph!),giant haystacks etc. have just watched mick mcmanus lose!

ellie, grinning like a loon-its the simple things eh? now its time for a zzz for couple of hours

Hi, was it a daydream or what? Not sure how you got to that memoery. Ok, I`m being thick!

luv Pollx


l use to watch the wrestling with my dad. And he did take me to a wrestling match in Portsmouth. Mick McManus l remember - and also during the interval Frankie Vaughan came on and sang ‘Whats going on behind the Green Door’ - this is about 55yrs ago. l remember a wrestler that came on dressed as a Red lndian - doing a war dance - can’t remember his name.

Never liked the ‘modern’ type of wrestling - so much showmanship.

Shall look forward to what ‘springs’ out of Ellies head tomorrow.


hi poll

i rarely watch tv but i was told the ‘real’ wrestling is on tv. daughter recorded it yest for me to watch today. so i did but took me years back to the ‘good old days’. used to go with my grandad-he loved it too. so i guess my post was a mix of reality and memory! u r not thick-i didnt explain clearly!

ellie x


glad u have some good memories too.

fortunately most of what pops in to my head i dont share!!!

but tomorrow i need son to get a paper before school as result of interview and photo yest cos of past 6 months-hope they get it right!!! apparently the foreign syndrome accent is interesting and worthy of reporting! any ms publicity is good-i hope! will update tomorrow!

ellie x

The red Indian wrestler was Chief Jaystrong. I also have happy memories of watching wrestling with my dad. And Saturday afternoons were watching the horse racing. Happy days : )

Could it have been Billy two rivers, he dressed as an indian and was around at the same time as Big Daddy.

Oh my took me back did your post to when I used to lie on the floor with my dad Saturday afternoon’s Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks was the highlight of my weekend :slight_smile: xx

hi all

thanks for sharing your memories

ellie x

Billy Two Rivers - thats the one - Oh so glad someone remembered his name. And there was another brilliant wrestler - same era - and his name was Jackie - somebody or other - know he had curly hair.


Thankyou - just received a call - its Jackie Pallow --and another one Shirley Crabtree - the huge guy from the West Country who was in Auf Wiedesen Pet.


Jackie Pallo always reminded me of Marty Feldman…don’t ask me why, they really didn’t look at all alike!..theres a name to take you back a few years though.