sunday afternoon nostalgia.....not ms

If you want some nostalgia (maybe not even your own!) have a look at youtube, saturday night beech-nut show, for some aearly Isley bros, performing, shout, The Big Bopper, Eddie Cochran,The Coasers, Bbby Darrin etc. it as the top 10 show,s loads of good stuff, I’ll even give that to Conway Twitty There is a bizzare perfomance of Do you wanna dance,involving a baby elephant (don’t ask me why)and Outkast must have thoghtthey were orginal! is my guilty pleasure, watching this on a Sunday, better than most of whats on telly anyway!

great stuff.

there’s always some new act thinking they are original but practically everything has been done before.

best thing about getting older is that we have more memories!!

carole x

Thanks for that link maude. I spent a couple of happy hours this afternoon, singing along to lot’s of great songs. Even my husband joined in when he came home…we had a bit of a dance to one of the slow numbers lol :slight_smile: Ta again :slight_smile:

I found ‘short shorts’ on there,after going to see the Jersey Boys,thought I’d have a look for the song that strted it all, lol and ‘Running Bear’ that reminds me of the roller skating rink (not roller disco) skates with wooden wheels! I’m not that ld it was just a decrepit old place,even the records were old.