Jersey Boys...not ms

went to see this again last night, saw it in NY, bought tickets months ago! couldn’t believe it on the same row about 10 people known to my sis, husband and I, if only I’d known we could have booked for a group and my next door and next door but one neighbour, who went the night before, could have all gone together! Great show

yes it is a good show have seen it in London and New york

Yes, it is my hubby who’s the biggest fan though!..every time we go to the theatre someone gets ejected though, as they did last night,you expect rustling sweet papers but not people brawling!

I love Frankie Valli’s music. Where did you see it? X

Poll it was the touring production, saw it at the Regent theatre Stoke, if you just google Jersey Boys tour, all dates and locations are there, Sunderland, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Woking, Oxford, Bristol and Liverpool…not sure how near you are to any of those but worth one of your trips!

ta hun x