Theatre! excellent news this morning.

Booked for Hamilton, accessible seat + carer. Had a phone call this morning, due to unfavourable feedback re. accessible seating it has been changed, no extra cost to a box with butler service and nearer to accessible toilets, even checked width of w/chair…thank you Connor. Nice to know that they do listen and do address issues! mind you I’ve never had a problem at any theatre, home or away! in fact local theatres are brilliant! Really looking forward to it, may even make use of the butler service! lol. Not all bad, just thought worth posting something about positive progress.


Amazing. And it’s supposed to be amazing too. Well done Maude. Ooh it’s years since I went to the theatre. Hmm, might have to think about that for when it warms up a bit and I can imagine happily leaving the homestead.


Not a bad upgrade! already knew it was a restricted view, so a lovely surprise first thing in the morning. Was expecting him to say it was double booked or something like that.

Alison x

I went to see ‘Hamilton’ last week with my husband. It was absolutely terrific. I’d booked access seats too and we got a box in the stalls which our butler said was the one where Prince Harry and Meghan had sat when they saw the show a couple of weeks before! The butler thing was pretty amazing - though you do have to pay for drinks but they bring them to the box - and also had a visit from another member of staff who looks after access people.

We go to the theatre often - more so since I learnt that I can book access seats. Silver lining for MS…got to take what you can!


I’d expect to pay for drinks! Got other things booked later in the year, may try for something else before the train home.

We had a lovely evening at the Savoy theatre watching Dream Girls last week. The evening was organised by my daughter as a birthday treat for my husband so I don’t know if she paid any extra but we were treated as VIPs. I was wheeled in at the back which took us into the gallery where we were shown to 2 comfy seats by a lovely young man. He also came to see us at the break to see if we needed anything. It was such a treat and as for the voice of Marisha Wallace. Wow! Such a treat!

Mags xx

Just to update, Wow!, shan’t say more, don’t want to spoil it for anybody! Don’t be put off by the length 3 hours including 15 min interval. So pleased that I think hubby enjoyed it even more…he’s finally realised that at least some of the books, films etc. that I recommend are worth a read/watch! watched Florence Foster Jenkins the other night, true story, funny but very sad tale. Oh yes, butler brought drinks and extravagently, ice cream (for him not me) went to the London Museum before cathing the train home, only so many times you can do the V&A,science and natural history museum plus it was raining!

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What WONDERFUL positive news. Thrilled for anyone who can attend. Marvellous to read the wheelchair accessible service has been so greatly improved. What a fab experience Maude. Chrissie x

They really can’t do enough for you! did ask if we would mind if a lady and her partner joined us, for 2nd half, boxes are plenty big enough so of course not, the lady had just had a knee replacement and was finding the seats awkward, hadn’t booked accessible seating, probably hadn’t got the apt. when theybooked! really was excellent, considering they originally were the cheapest seats.


Hi Alison

Thanks for sharing such a positive post.