my big night out!

Hi all. I had a wonderful time last night at the concert I posted about a bit since.

It was a variety show for the older generation in our area! And all for nowt too! best type of Yorkshire fun that.

There were dancers, singers, a brill magic act and to top the bill............Johnny Casson.

He was so funny, a bit cheeky at times, but it was fandabydozey!!!

I got home about 10.15pm.oh the decadence of it and me usually tucked up in bed for 7pm.............watching Emmerdale.

Here`s a joke from Johhny for you;

`My wife has a lovely mood ring. When she`s in a good mood, it glows a lovely shade of turquiose and when she`s in a bad mood, it makes a bright red mark on me `ead!`.


`This man says to his wife of 40 years, `What would you like for your birthday?` she replies,

`A widow`s pension!`

We`ve booked to see Titanic, the musical next month. Aren`t I getting a night owl?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Glad you had a lovely night out. It is great to do something different for a change, isn’t it? It sounds like your musical could be really good too - hope you enjoy it!

Love Teresa xx

Hi Poll,

Glad you had such a good time and something else to look forward next month.

Love Janet x x

Hi Poll, sounds like you had a great night, the musical sounds good too!