what a drag!

Out last night with my Bev and Billy, to see a drag show and have a meal. It was free cos when we went a fortnight ago, the entertainment was cancelled, but the meal cost me £32. I sent a gentle e mail of disappointment, so hence we got a freebie!

The carvery was super…fresh tasting food and a good helping as is the Yorkshire way…trouble is it didnt leave room for a pud.

A pud is always necessary to complete any meal…but hey ho…didnt have any.

Had 2 white wine spritzers and a lemonade! Still not tried gin!

Well the compere, who looked like a 7ft really, really tall (Victoria Wood speak, in the Kimberely sketch) Barbie doll, was funny and of course, quite smutty.

Then her 2 showgirls came on…wow, those legs…costumes…wigs…totally a-ma-zing!

We saw Beyonce, Tina Turner, Julie Andrews, Liza Minnelli, plus Arieal from Frozen…a scream in her mermaid outfit…and others. Loved it!

Home at 11.30 pm…fancy that…5 hours past usual bedtime!

Out tomorrow for my 65th birthday. Been a hectic week…even with Billy`s 2 overnight stays in hospital…it didnt deter me from living it up!

Happy days folks!


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wonder why it’s called ‘drag?’ have a good day tomorrow!

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Happy birthday for tomorrow. Katy

It sounds like an almost perfect night out, I told you the drag night would be a winner. And a good bit of smuttiness never hurt anyone. Doesn’t it do you good to have a real laugh? Sue x

women always enjoy a good drag act.

freddie flintoff looked great in drag! (i watch some daft telly).

a good laugh, good food and good company is just what the doctor ordered.

carole x


sounds like you had a fab night!

enjoy tomorrow!

ellie x