what a lovely time

Hi all, hope your as good as you can be.

I had a lovely day yesterday, my daughter and i went to have our nails done, my first time. We went to where she goes and managed to find a disabled spot right outside the door . Didnt have any falsies as i couldn’t cope with them but i had gel on and a lovely red sparkly colour. Makes me feel very christmasy. I treated her for all the help shes done running up to Christmas. But when we went for a coffee bless her, she paid, i know its only a little thing but it was so nice.

Off togetmyhair done now as im out tonight at the theatre with myWeightwatcher friends, seeing The sound of music.

Lisa xx


hiya lisa

enjoy! i have got tickets to see it next year.


Sounds lovely. You can’t beat a bit of pampering for a feel good treat.

I hope you enjoyed the show

Tracey x

Thank you Tracey, yes it was a lovely show, Ellie you will have a wonderful time.

Lisa x

hi lisa

what a lovely post showing that we can still enjoy the things that everyone else enjoys!

did you sing along in the theatre?

i’ve become dreadful for breaking into song at inappropriate times.

if i went to see a musical i’d have to have my mouth gaffer taped shut!!

carole x

Oh yes, i did have a lovely time and yes i did sing but very quietly

Lisa x