question for London theatre goers! (Jersey boys).....not ms

Just a quick question, any views on best seats at Prince Edward theatre? I’m seeing a lot of reviews and can’t decide which will be best seats, we saw this in NY, last minute tickets and seats were brilliant! so don’t want to be disappointed with seats and view.

i sat about six rows up in the stalls and everything was very handy, it was also a good view point to see the show

Thank you both! just need to sort out dates, make sure he doessn’t book anything else

Alison x

I have to say I have seen a lot of west end shows over the years.

I saw Jersey boys 29th feb 2008 (day after it opened) and sat about 6 or 7 rows back in the stalls.

I would say its the best show I have seen, but I have seen Frankie Valli and the four seasons 3 times so maybe I’m biased.

Glad I saw it when I did as there is no way I could ever travel on the tube again

I am sure you will enjoy it


Hi jax, yes we saw it in NY, hubby chose it, probably because he thought I would enjoy it, he was surprised to find hat he absolutely loved it!

i saw the show in las vegas two years ago.

it was fantastic and i would definatly see it again if i had the chance

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