Getting concert tickets .

Hi all hope you are all ok, sun may come out later down south not seen it for a few days.

Anyway reason for post we were supposed to go see the foo fighters at wembly in june but gig w as cancelled because the lead singer broke his leg fair enough these things happen given a full refund no problems , then we heard on monday that they were going to do gigs at milton keynes bowl in sept and as disappointed fans from the wembley shows we would be given a priority code to get tickets for this show to use from yesterday before general sale starts on friday , so up in time for the start of sale on ticket master ,could buy general admission tickets no probs but the link you had to click on for acessable seating wasent up and runnining so spent 2 hours trying to get through on the phone plus husband was on his Mobile trying to the do same no joy, all the time i was trying to see if the link was up and running no joy so stopped for a coffee and started again only for link to be up and working so filled in the required form and waited for the call back you were supposed too get but no email saying all tickets have gone tough, sorry but i am so disappointed i cant tell you not only have i spent hours on the phone for nothing but surely the number of people that had disabled seating at wembly should have been counted up and a venue that could take that many people if all could go should have been booked not a feild in milton keynes , and also way is it so hard for us to book the tickets in the first place, able bodied no probs a few clicks and your done us we have forms to fill , wait for a call, send in proof of entitlement( fair enough ) but why cant we do these things with some company or other before hand and then when we wont to get tickets for anything you could send the info from this site and get tickets the same as everyone else.

My husband is so angry about the unfairness of all this he has sent emails to promoters, the band, posted on facebook and as i am writing this he has been contacted by a national paper for the story .

Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading it i know not everyone goes to gigs but this sort of thing happens in every aspect of our daily lives and i am so proud of my husband for being so supportive of me .

Take care all . Katy


I suffer from a not dissimilar problem. I like to go up to the West End to see shows. The problem comes with the theatres. On more than one occasion there are steps to be negotiated to get into the foyer and then steps to get into the theatre itself.

There is one theatre with seats that can be accessed from the street but if you are affected by excessive heat then don’t waste your time or money.

I know these do tend to be the small theatres in the Leicester Square area but there are others. I think there ought to be a ruling that requires theatres to state that they are not wheel-chair friendly and do not have disabled friendly toilets.

The same also ought to be the case with restaurants.



i got the same email.

i can’t go as go away that day.

hopefully more concerts will be announced later.


Well this morning i had a phone call from ticket master offering me tickets for the gig as the promoter has just released some more tickets for sale so i know have tickets ,but my question is still why did i not get my ticket on Wednesday with my pre sale code and was it because my husband kicked up such a stink about it on social media ,

i wonder, still why is it so hard to get tickets in the first place and cant a company make it easier for all of us some how .

Have a nice weekend all .Katy

Enjoy the gig !!! Got my tickets for Bowling for Soup next February, and off to see Tracii Guns in September, providing my best man pulls his head out of his arse and gets tickets in time ! Not into FF so much, but hear it’s a killer show…