a treat of nostalgia

i recorded a programme last week and have just watched it.

The Old Grey Whistle Test!

i enjoyed that throughout the seventies and the show i recorded was good too.

man! i’m of an age to enjoy nostalgia!

did it have “whispering Bob” ?


It did indeed. (Though I have to say it started rather boringly with Kiki Dee!)


joan armatrading was on but just talking.

i’d have loved to see her perform.

i saw her in 1976 just as love and affection was released.

we’d gone to see bob dylan but she stole the show.

It must have been amazing to see Joan Armatrading at that time. That album is fabulous. And now ear worm city has struck. But this time with a good soundtrack.

Thank you Carole.


it was a brilliant day.

blackbushe aerodrome - many bands ending with bob dylan and lovely joan was on early.

can’t for the life of me remember who else was on.

then again it was 1976!

Too early for me, I was not unleashed until 1979 - Knebworth, Led Zeppelin, Todd Rundgren etc . Prior to that, my mum said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Nostalgic Mick

Mick, a man after my own heart. ‘If you want blood tour’ Liverpool Empire, 30th Oct, 1978. I was very honoured to watch the great man himself Bon Scott. 13 years old & my dad came, 3 months pocket money that cost me, but worth every penny. Been addicted to the band ever since. I watched the 1st concert Brian Johnson done after Bon died, 1980, December 6th, Deeside Leisure centre. They’ve come quite a way since then. Just realised how old I am, gawd xx

Wow, what wonderful musical treasured memories you guys have got. Nothing like it although it can make your age slap itself in your face when you think about it l!! Err … Jimi Hendrix was amazing life on stage as a support act in the 60’s!!

Sounds brilliant Tracey I find that I quite like some classical stuff too.

My memories of AC DC involve Angus in school uniform being passed horizontally around the auditorium.


wow indeed - I would love to have seen Jimi Hendrix


Love that Mick! Have you seen the Badpiper version? I’d send the link if I wasn’t so computer illiterate x

Here you go… love the flames

Cheers Mick! x

steve n seagulls, a finnish band who play bluegrass versions of heavy rock. (google them)

i have a sort of crush on scandinavians.

bluegrass too.

however i’m going to restrain myself or i’ll be still in my jamas next week.

i appear to be getting stranger.

totally amazing - nice one


Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!



doctor geoff

you are so right, nostalgia isn’t what t used to be.

i’m finally old enough to wallow in nostalgia but…

Carol, I love those Old Grey Whistle Tests.

I think I’ve seen them all.

I actually saw Joan Armatrading live in 2012. She still had it even though she looked more like an extra from a teashop in Midsommer Murders. I saw Wishbone Ash the other week.


sounds like you had a good time

you should have heard what she said about the audience