you learn something every day!..... not ms

absolutely nothing to do with…anything…really, just listened to Tony Blackburn, never knew that Bob Crewe of Four Seasons fame wrote, Get Dancing (Disco Tex and the sexolettes) which led to me wasting time again on youtube watching a fair bit of dreadful disco, which was not my thing at all, but due to where I worked was unavoidable and also Frankie Valli performing with the Commodores…great party song though!..must get back to Tavares now (who I did see live…at work)

i love finding things out about singers and bands.

it rekindles my interest and all the old cds come out to play

carole x

I saw the Commodores live years and years ago. They were the support group for Natalie Cole. Neither were particularly my kind of music but it was a good show.

Val I’ve seen all sorts of shows and bands, some by choice and some via work, (surprisingly, to me at least) Bruce springsteen was the most un-charismatic show I’ve ever seen and Brook Benton (support act stylistics) was probably the best Jimmy Cliff was exceptional too and we only had 30 people turn up, back when you could just pay on the night!

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I usually just go to youtube now as a lot of the singles I have are on there and I no longer have a record playerthings such as the bottle by Gil Scott Heron, that’s on I ‘lost’ at a party

gil scott heron - now you’ve sent me back in time. will look on you tube.

the best concert i ever went to was last year. i bought tickets for roger waters on my husbands birthday.

i paid a little extra for seats in one of the executive boxes and they provided reserved parking for free.

brilliant for me because all those steps in the big stadiums give me vertigo since i got ms.

at the moment we’ve got the waterboys on. ah the memories! my best friend ever really loved them but she died 2 years ago. this is for you kath!

thanks maude

i’m on a roll now!

carole x

Carole, it’s always odd when ‘the support act’ is better than the main attraction!