'HELP!' - The Beatles...

This kept 'going through my mind, this morning'. I have had MS since 1999 and I have a catheter and it's warmer today and my wife is at work (as an optician) and my child is at school so I'm on my own. I tend to hate 'MS'!


Marcus thats strange I am blasting The Beatles out today.

Because I is well happy.


Like it Marcus but then I'm of an age....well the Beatles were great.





I treated myself to this cd a few weeks ago-love it-reminds me of when I was babysitting (for the woman that designed the covers of the Harry Potter books!)

I dont hate MS Marcus-I use my energy, not for hating, but for doing things that I love....just a suggestion, energy is precious!

Ellie x

Thanks for all your compliments - I'm 56 and grew up with the Beatles - I've possibly put this on before - I can't remember but I do hate MS because of all these hours spent studying at college and Aibirdeen uni. - and 'fir what - I'm now unemployed and all the sport that I used to do to keep fit is wasted - I used to do long distance running but struggle now even with a zimmer and sex is ruined (with a catheter). Thank goodness I can type this because I used to win awards for my writing but I can't write any thing now with a pen!

Marcus. x.

hi marcus


i just had a peep at your profile and it was uncanny!

live in bolton - so do i

born october 31st - so was i

teacher (retired) - so am i

i'll be 54 this time and i just bought loads of cds. - ziggy stardust, alice cooper (just a nod to my 13 year old self)

black sabbath, fleetwood mac, neil young, gotye (just cos i like the video).

where did you teach? i taught at gilnow primary school, mostly nursery and reception.


anyway keep on listening to the good tunes


carole xxxthumbsup

Hi, Carole,

Sorry to ruin some of the info. I was born in 1956, I am male though but I'm from Dundee in Scotland and I was born on May 5th, I am not a teacher (although I have taught p/t). My background is in Sales in the computer trade and Director in the motor trade apart from others. Like the music though.


Marcus. x.

As a matter of interest it is Maccas 70th Birthday today.



I did a search on 'Google' but I can't make my mind up, sorry.