1960's music

insomnia forced me from my bed and i came downstairs.

put the telly on and wow!

stevie wonder “uptight”

rolling stones “let’s spend the night together”

foundations “now that i’ve found you”

procol harum “whiter shade of pale”

status quo “pictures of matchstick men”

smiling mi ed off even though i forgot to bring my cuppa in!

they all look so young too!

oh tom jones singing delilah too.

julie driscoll - looking like a young polly (boudicca - grand haircut).

off to retrieve my cuppa

carole xx

if there’s any good alternative to sleep, you found it carole… what a great line-up.

it makes me chuckle when you get compilation CDs which have such claims as ‘all the hits of the 60s’ and there is NOT ONE track by the bestselling band of that decade (and of all time i believe), for obvious copyright reasons. little things eh?

gotta love stevie wonder- innervisions album is ace.

My era, the music now is rubbish, give me the sixties anyday. I was so lucky to have been born in the fifties to enjoy the music upto the seventies lol. Procol Harum one of my favorites among so many. x

Sounds! like a good way to end the day to me.

Mick Jagger-his face used to hypnotise me when I was young…those lips Lol


‘look at the lips, not around the lips’…

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BBC3 have really good music programmes on during the later evening.

love it when my 13 yr old crushes are on, marc bolan and david bowie. ray davies too.

to say it was 43 years ago, they are still good.

excellent show on david bowie once. bowie could/should have a channel of his own.

carole x

marc bolan! I have got to find him on you tube now Lol ​


Just listening to ‘Children of the Revolution’

It’s waking me up Lol


Aww, ‘Metal Guru’ now this song does take me back.

Stopping now promise Lol



we had a lad in our class called eddie mchugh and we’d sing his name to metal guru!

luckily he was a t rex fan so we weren’t bullying.

carole x

Back when both music AND lyrics had to be good. Ended with Disco in the 70’s :frowning:

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have you all noticed, we have all this great music to listen to, but now auntie beeb is, unsurprisingly, editing out the music show presenters, which could only ever have improved the experience.

and now i need to go to you tube for some bowie and bolam… saves me rattling through CD’s.

how did anyone mention jagger without using


jeepster, get it on, 20th century boy, still great in the 21st century

telegram sam!

the first single i ever bought.

2nd was american pie by don mclean

3rd was floy joy by the supremes (i dunno how that one got through - seems my music snobbery didnt kick in until later).

4th was without you by nillson

then lindisfarne meet me on the corner

seems my memory is quite good if the topic interests me!

careful there dave! you’ve got to remember that within the disparaging term ‘disco’ you get some abba and chic/ nile rodgers… MASSIVE grey area.

having said that, there was some really crap disco, so i accept your point ;0)

I play keyboards in a band and we play pop disco and rock…yes ABBA’s Mamma Mia is one of the songs we play. It’s what people want to hear and dance to :slight_smile: My formative years (17-21) were spent learning (mostly) heavy metal songs (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest etc) when I sang in a band.

Funny that Carole. My memory always improves when the topic is interesting-perhaps we are just hard to please people and our memories are ok really?

Prescription-surround oneself with interesting people!

​That’s us two sorted-heeheehee


good plan blossom,

you, me and loads of dementia!!