hi everyone

i have just ordered some new music from amazon.

nothing too exciting other than it’s new and it makes me happy.

best thing is i get the cd and also a free mp3 format so the mp3 can go on my kindle and the cd either go to live in my car or get given as christmas presents.

just need to arrange to go to a gig now - more expensive though

i sent for the new pink floyd and for the new basement tapes - which sounds good as it is various artists covering dylans work.

already own the dylan versions.

ah well, sorry for a boring post but it makes me happy

carole x

Carol, Pink Floyd, now your talking. Love them. Have many hours of happy listening. C

pink floyd are all time greats.

i bought my husband tickets to see roger waters a couple of years ago.

he was fantastic. did the wall.

added loads of adibs related to our glorious government most rude!

comfortably numb is my husbands funeral song and i want to pinch it.

carole x

Yes, there are quite a few I love, shine on you crazy diamond, breathe, wish you were here,money, us & them, Hey you, the list goes on…might have to put my Pink Floyd on now. While I was waiting to get Diagnosed used to listen to brain damage, don’t know why…C

Hi Carole

Great choice, The Endless River will take a few listening and I recommend you play it all the way through, you’ll notice a strong similarity / influence to WYWH in the first 3 tracks, but now I’ve played the whole album three times its grown on me a lot. So now you’ll have a good reason to take yourself away and enjoy a bit of R&R.

The deluxe experience edition of DSotM has a great additional live recording and the deluxe experience edition of WYWH has some interesting additional tracks including the title track with Stephane Grappelli which I enjoy a lot.

Happy listening.


Has anyone heard “Graceless” by the National? I really love this song and also think it could be a theme tune for all those who suffer from walking problems. Definitely an MS song.

Just listened to it on you tube Sewingchick…I like it

I love the ‘killers’ my two favourite songs are Human & Just Another Girl. Took my 32 year old son by surprise, when I asked for the album, for my last birthday-one of his favourite albums too!