Music makes you feel good!

Listening to radio 2 this morning, have so much fun listening to all the request and varying types of music that people are requesting. Putting a smile on my face and my voice might not last the day, thank goodness I’m on my own, can’t really sing in tune but having fun anyway.

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I’m with you on this one 100%, like polar bear love all music. Always have my have my headphones in, do sing along, poor passersby, I am tone deaf as well!!!

hi billpat

i have the answer to singing when you’re tone deaf - choose a singer whose voice is easy to keep in tune with.

neil young is the one i sing to - after the goldrush.

keep on singing

carole x

Try PTX La La Latch (youtube) guaranteed to bring a smile to my face anyway. That and Home Free ft. Avi Kaplan Ring of Fire.