Music anyone?

Hello all,

A quick one for you, I love listening to music and I’m going through a bit of a Julian Cope phase at the moment especially “The Mystery Trend” check it out its beautiful.

Was just wondering what do you listen to when you need uplifting/ a good cry/ or bit of an escape?

Trying to expand my list and would love suggestions

Good health


Hi, Westlife does it every time for me. I am a new fan of Micheal Bubble. I dont like his jazz type songs, just easy listening like his versions of You dont know me and Home.


hi becky

just had a listen and you’re right, its quite soothing.

you should listen to elbow - starlings on the seldom seen kid album

in fact the whole album is great. just love the fact that it was recorded quite close to where i live.

the lyrics are good too. “there’s a hole in my neighbourhood through which some times i cannot help but fall”

its a fun thing to do, digging out old albums and finding new ones

carole x

I’m currently enjoying all things Black Keys. There new stuff is good, older albums even better…Thickfreakness in particular. Listening to music is one of mg favourite things to do, lost many hours to it! Really helps lift my spirits when I’m having a rubbish day, which is most days at the moment! Also love Ben Howard’s album, very chilled out. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Ray LaMontagne’s album Trouble is my chill out of choice especially Jolene and All the Wild Horses. x

J.S. Bach, St. Matthew Passion.

Was just wondering what do you listen to when you need uplifting/ a good cry/ or bit of an escape?

Hi Becky, nice subject choice

I listen to my MP3 player; it contains a compilation of Ralph McTell, Simon and Garfunkle, Momford and Sons, Coldplay, The Dubliners, Music from The English Patient, Kate bush, Leonard Cohen and some relaxation tracks from Chillout volumes one and two. It sounds a bit morbid but it helps me chill out especially when ‘the hug’ becomes difficult to deal with.

I am no longer ‘that old woman in the wheelchair’ and have become ‘that old woman in the wheelchair with the bright pink headphones on’.

Wendy x

l also like to listen to Ray LaMontagne and Elbow - [these are my daughters cd’s]

But for a jig about and something to lift the mood - l love Kirsty MacColl’s Tropical Brainstorm and Our we human by the Killers. Anything by Dire Straits. Eagles. Dr Hook. Chris Farlowe. and the Stones.

Gotta get some of those bright pink headphones. They would put an automatic smile on your face.

Hello. Try the Courteeners (Falcon), Natalie Merchant, Arcade Fire, Seth Lakeman, Queen, Pink Floyd or a good blast from the Cocteau Twins (Hurrah for the eighties). Most of all I can really “get down” to classical. Sibelius symphonies or Rachmaninov’s second symphony. Bach’s Mass in B minor is pretty hot too. In amongst the top of the pile is Schostakovich’s prelude and fugue in A major played by Siatoslav Richter. Good wishes.

Is it Julian Cope from Teardrop Explodes? I used to love them when I was a teenager!!! I will have too check him out.Cathy

Bruce Hornsby and the range is my chill out preference when I just want to be mindful and deep in thought. Xx

Angie stone - mahogany stone album- nice music

Mr Blue Sky, ELO never fails to cheer me up, as does Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

I’m a huge Nine Inch Nails fan, I find ‘Gave Up’ helps when I’ve had a bad day and feeling angry, helps me get it out of my system. Looking forward to a new record coming soon :slight_smile: Stuff like ‘The great below’ when I’m sad. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea tho.

I will definitely have to listen to the Julian Cope one Becky has mentioned, the last Julian Cope I bought is on vinyl, that makes me feel really old lol

I’m kind of off with my ipod at the moment as I can’t dance now so I get frustrated. I was a pole instructor, so a lot of the music on if was for classes (ok, a lot of it wasn’t to my taste BUT it automatically makes me want to dance!).

If anyone wants a funny one (naughty lyrics tho), go on youtube and look for Red Astaire and also type in dressage! Sounds bonkers but it was one of the last tracks I downloaded to dance to, after seeing it on rudetube, someone had overlaid essentially a hip-hop track on a piece of amazing dressage and it fits amazingly, I remember laughing to myself that I wouln’t be able to take it seriously after watching a horse dance to it… now I REALLY wish I could pick up my feet so well - doh! :wink:

Sorry to ramble on a bit!

I think if I ruled the world I would make it law that everyone regularly had to listen to Ella Fitzgerald - the moment I hear her voice I’m in a state of peaceful bliss, and any stress I’m feeling melts away.

An album I’ve been listening to a lot recently is Laura Mvula’s Sing to the Moon. She has an incredible voice. Go to Youtube to listen to her song ‘She’, it always makes me well up. I’m going to see her in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to it.

And another track I love which can bring a tear to my eye because of the sheer beauty of it is ‘Arrival of the BIrds’ by the Cinematic Orchestra.

Then for pure escapism, you can’t beat a good dose of funk - have a listen on youtube to Dee Williams’ Why Can’t There Be Love, or Parliament’s Give Up the Funk. Always make me smile.


Greetings, if I’m a bit down and or knackered I’ll have something loud even if I keep the volume down.Does that make any sense.We’re talking AC/DC,Highway to Hell and A Whole lot of Rosie or if I’m feeling a bit intellectual The Hall of the Mountain Kings,Ravel’s Bolero,The Sabre Dance…

Good post,


If I need something to cheer me up I listen to T-Rex, Meatloaf or Mika and if I need to chill I listen to James Blunt, Take That, Madonna’s old stuff or Don McLean.

Having said, these are only flavour of the month. T-Rex is perennial but all the others are likely to change according to my mood. My son and I both download stuff from i-Tunes and every time he updates our i-phones we end up sharing our eclectic music tastes and I have developed a taste for some of his heavy metal as much as he now likes T-Rex!!

Tracey x

Hi everyone,

This post seems to slowed down now… so I’ll take the oppurtunity to say Thank you to everyone who responded and you’ve all given me some new tunes to check out.

Thanks again


Ha… UFO - Pack It Up and Go

Al Jarreau always makes me feel good

And a few of you will remember Daryl Hall; well he has session musicians around his house to do a set; so much class mind you I think that’s Samuel L Jackson playing rhythm?

This man and wife team are so simple music but always brings a smile to my face for being brilliant