Offline for a week from tommorow,want to share something which may help others im limboland before i go

May not be for everyone, but something that always helps me, even if only a little, through limboland, is the music of David Osmond. It is incredibly uplifting and there is a message of hope in almost every song. He also has MS. It helps me to listen to his songs and think how well he is doing and how it could well be okay for me. He has 2 albums, Reflected and Road less traveled, and loadsa stuff on YouTube.

Hope it may help some of you guys also in limboland, and well anyone really!

See you all in a week!



Thanks! Never heard of him but I shall youtube him later when kids are in bed so I can listen properly without distraction :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good week.



Nice advice! Thanks x

Thank you Julie x see you in a week