Singing was FANTASTICO

went to my 1st rock Choir session yesterday and it was brilliant, i was very twitchy and unbalanced yesterday and they were brilliant,i could sit or stand to sing and by the end my arm and leg had calmed down so much i could stand for the last bit-

have my part to practice at home and cant wait to go again after half term- i sing very low so there are just 4 -of us that sing those parts, just loved it and there is chance to have 1 to 1 and do a solo with the res of the choir as backing- going to oractice the part over the next week and see how i feel about it- its a real gospel part so not sure id be up to it.

i can practice at home in front of the computer sat on the sofa - we are doing a concert and a day of flash mobbing- cant tell you when or where obviously but if anyone is idn devon/cornwall and would like to know so you can try and catchone of them please message me-

feels like someone just injected a big shot of life back into me


What a lovely positive post BC. You clearly enjoyed your singing - it is so uplifting and enables your troubles to melt away. At least for a while anyway. Hope the revitalised feeling lasts! Teresa xx