Ok pick the winning Song, stepping outside my confort Zone short list.

Ok I have made a decision. for those that know and thoes that dont, I am stepping outside my comfort Zone and recording songs to be put on hear or somewhere for your viewing pleasure. ha ha or I may make you all wish you hadnt said this was a good idea.

I will play and record 5 seperate songs, if they are liked I will try and make it regular.

the songs will be,

Didos - Thank you

Damien Rice - Cannon ball

Elton Johns - Your song

Ed Sheeran - a Team

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

I chose these because they are all good songs, Also some of the suggestions will take longer than I want to learn.

If you want to pick the first one, go for it, by 5 oclock the winning song will get done first. Go for it

Didos thank you please :slight_smile:

Me too

Ed Sheeran for me please - a decent reminder that the things we face 1) aren’t our fault and 2) could be worse!

I like Dido too though so I’m happy with that first.


15 mins to go!!!

Karen I did say that for your help so if this is the 2 choices I will do them both. unless anyone else pipes up within the 15 mins.

I meant I’d be happy with either, but both is great if you’re up to it! :slight_smile: Kx

Tom, this is a special request…sorry…it’s a really selfish one…could you possible do either Michael Buble, crazy love which I recently walked down the aisle to or Van Morrison, Brown eyed girl which I walked back up the aisle to. Just at some point in the future ? Totally selfish, I know, but very emotional, happy memories. And I would love someone to do them "live"as it were. It would make my year !! It’s my anniversary in 6 weeks and I would totally appreciate being able to play them for hubby on “the day”. Thanks Xx