Songs for you - from me - as promised

Hello everyone,

I have done 2 and a half songs (the half is a dance tune made into an acoustic I can do it all if required), 1 for Karren as requested, but no Dido yet, need to sing that some more, my voice is not made to go that high!

You can go to

Or you can download the app for Iphone and smart phones.

Username is - mssociety

Password is - guitar

I have done it this way as stepping outside my comfort zone is one thing but Youtube is not where I wont to be found.

Well I hope you enjoy and if glasses dont break please feel free to request hatever you want.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and lets keep going!

(ps yesterday I thought I could cut my own hair, turns out I had to cut it all off so it will grow back and i wont always look like phil mitchels twin)

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, into account but can’t play. Looking forward to this will try again later.

Not sure,

I just logged into it from the internet, and on my app, both plays fine. Maybe it was just internet speed, yeah try again and fingers crossed it works for you

Awesome, just brilliant Tom! Thoroughly enjoyed all three, but especially Save Tonight, one of my favourite songs and had me welling up a bit!

I know you said you are stepping out of your comfort zone, but in my opinion you have nowt to worry about, I’d pay good money to watch you perform

Bless ya Traitsy, im blushing, Havent performed anything since I was 18 and i relly enjoy music and if I can share it then I will and I have. thank you for your kind words

ps the wife would pay to shut me up!

I think we could have an album out of you pretty soon! Maybe even some kind of charity thing?! Needless to say I will not be sharing my rendition of Merrily We Roll Along on the recorder with anyone!

Tom…stepping out of your comfort zone ?? …that should be your comfort zone…really lovely. You are one talented bloke and should be charging people to listen to that. Xx

Mrs H thank you but not true (im not saying that to be made to feel great) I have friends who are in badns, one is signed and they are amazing very talanted, this is a hobby.

And we could do an album on there anyne can upload videos on the mssociety thing ive created, I will work on adding another song for next week. suggestions again welcome.

Hi Tom, thought you were great, very talented.

Thanks Tom. That was really good. Put a big smile on my face. Keep it coming. :wink:

thank you DM and WB, Smiles make the world go round, so infectious and the sun is out again today hear which means happy rays and happy people!.

Hi Tom, nice guitar sounds good your right about the voice too. The photo bucket app is neat. l have my account with it on facebook and didnt.realise its value for recording - l thought it was photo media. Nice o e Tom F.

Its a really good app, I love it and its great for me to lay down some vids and share it without the embarresment of being discovered on Youtube. And yes my voice is not made to go that high at all but it will get there maybe a deep high ha ha

Woo-hoo! applause

Good work!

How lovely. Please, keep 'em coming, Tom.

Stewart (admin)

Cheers Stewart,

I will add more when I can and am able, taking new requests again so now people have had the chance to hear my lyrical flow (ha ha) suggestions are welcome.

Tom, That’s brilliant! You have such a nice voice - I love it. I think you should make a whole album and sell it as a fund-raiser (or just make your fortune!)


Hey Tom, Well done you - it was great! Teresa xx

Well, I dont know about selling it orrrrr what the copywrite issue could be but I will add some more songs when I can.

I will write a song especially for all of us with or without diagnosis and My next song will have to be for all you wonderful mums that struggle on with what your going through and raise and love your children, I was adopted at 2 years old so I have loads of love and respect to you lovelly mummys especially the lovelly yummy mummys and even more the lovelly mummys who through anything and no matter what does what they can to provide love and cherrish their littlens, soooo Mother day songs??? we will see again suggestions welcome.

Wow, loved the songs!!! And awwwww to your last comment! I wish I could class myself as a yummy mummy, but I’m more a slummy mummy!!! But I will do anything and everything I can for my boys (as any mum - biological or otherwise - would). Can I make a request for DJ Sammy - Heaven (the lovely acoustic version). I listened to this throughout my first pregnancy, and when my eldest was born it was the one song guaranteed to calm him down if he was crying. It would also send him to sleep which was a massive bonus when we were struggling with sleep deprivation! Still makes me cry (happy tears) now! X