ear worm

zombie by the cranberries has been going round my head all night.

dolores o’riordan died in january this year.

that old grim reaper seems to be picking all my favourite musicians.


You’ve only gone and done it again. Ear worm central I shall start calling you.

I completely missed Dolores O’Riordans death. (Just realised, I was in India, that’s why I missed hearing about it!) How flipping sad.


yea very sad.

her music was of its time and she’ll always be remembered.

flip side of going on your travels, that’ll learn ya!

(peter kay-ism. he lives close by)

Image result for earwormImage result for earworm

I am struggling with Uptown funk after watching the brilliant movie clips which then took me to the crazy frog and a few other wormy sounds


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That’s enough Mick

The other day I had trouble with Uptown Funk after your clip.

Today you have JUST REINSERTED THE F’ING thing back in my head. Just by mentioning it. And I had Zombie nicely settled as well

And that is a very bloody difficult crappy record to get out of ones head.

So that’s it, retaliation - Katy Perry style. You can have either Roar, or Firework. I don’t care which. I can’t look up a line to start you off for fear of it burrowing into my brain. I’m just going to hope that just the mention gets it started.

Ha! Take that!


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That’s why I stick to Ragtime.

Since they don’t show The Sting on TV anymore there is no chance of me hearing it at all.

A not too unpleasant one for you, The way, Fastball, once it’s there, sticks for days!

Where do I start?

Yes, Zombie has now entered my head. Lately I’ve been plagued by Bing Crosby’s Blue flipping Skies. Why?

The incessant hallelujah chorus keeps popping in and out, songs from Cats (I hate Lloyd Webber) and Billy Don’t be a Hero.

Time to rock back and forth in the corner of the room with fingers in ears shouting nonsense poetry.

Steve (now getting a bit red)

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Did you have to Billy Don’t be a Hero us?


I am the most bloody suggestible person. Virtually anything enters my head, it chases out whatever was there and gets stuck.



Sue … nah, that’s too easy

two little boys had two little toys…


That’s it. I’m staying off this thread now. Too much teasing and wickedness. How could you!!!



When you know all the words but have to go through the song in your head to make sure you know them all:

Two Little Boys

The Sickbed of Culchulainn (The Pogues)

The Green Fields of France

Can’t Help Falling in Love

I Remember You (Frank Ifield; again why?)

Paddy McGinty’s Goat.

Well that’s just given me a sleepless night. AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

sorry steve i did it to torment sssue!

Whilst playing scrabble on the iPad, I got the letters to make “Agadoo”. Needless to say scrabble didn’t accept it as a word. Needless to say all night Agadoo was spinning round my head.


push pineapple shake the tree

agadoo doo doo

push pineaple grind coffee

now you’ve done it derek, i’ll have that in my head until the next one comes along.

there are some good tunes on tv adverts, paranoid by black sabbath sets me off!

Little, bitty pretty one, judt can’t remember what it’s used for, been used before can never what for, just a good tune!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you’ll know the rest…xx

Anybody with an earworm should try singing, humming or even just imagining the UK National Anthem. It’s reckoned to cure earworms. I’ve tried it in the past and it works for me. (You need to do at least one verse of it.)

oh no CD thats the very worst ear worm of all.

i’ll end up being committed with that one.

ah, the Commitments Mustang Sally!

and so it goes on…