Ear Worm

It all started with the thread, “If my body was a car” thread on the PPMS Forum!

It got me singing the song from years ago, “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” by The Bellamy Brothers. I’ve been humming it all day. I often find the first song I hear on the radio in the morning, or an advert overload on tv, sticks with me and it is playing in my head when I try to get to sleep that night! It’s usually an annoying one too.

What song is going through your mind right now?

As they`re in the news right now for the wrong reasons.

At the moment it’s the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune, which is fine by me! If I ever get an annoying one, I get rif of it by playing an Ella Fitzgerald song in my head.


Still have it. Sigh… :slight_smile:

Bonnie and Clyde…

Bonnie and Clyde were pretty looking people

But let me tell you people

They were the devil`s children…

Poppy, if it wasn’t so funny I’d be cross.

After reading this IT’S COME BACK!!! Oh please save me from Billy don’t be a hero.

Where’s the head shaped ice bucket?

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhersomewhere … Alan Jackson and Jimmy (great nachos!) Buffet, now I’m peckish and have Margaretaville playing in my head!

Now I’ve got ‘what would Jimmy Buffet do’ ringing round my head. It doesn’t take much.


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I think he’d make you a margrita and maybe some volcano nachos!, couldn’t believe hubby had never heard of Jimmy Buffet until we went in Margaretaville in Orlando, he knows the songs now…ear snakes, not worms!

God. I suffer from infestations of ear worms on a regular basis. Sometimes songs I love but more often than not songs I hate. What makes it worse is that sometimes I will only remember a snatch of the song and it just goes round and round and round and … for hours. Another blessing from my shot short term memory.

One useful thing I learnt about ear worms (possibly on the Radio show “No such thing as a fish”) is that the way to get rid of them is to “think” the Nation Anthem over the top of them in your head. It really works!!! (And no, you don’t replace an ear worm of “Saturday Night” by Whigfield with an one of God Save the Queen!)

What do you do if you have an earworm of the National Anthem?

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[quote=“albrecht durer”]

What do you do if you have an earworm of the National Anthem?

[/quote] Sing Ode to Joy I suppose. Unless you are a Brexiteer, in which case you are screwed.

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nobodys child by alexander brothers!

its never far from my mind.


I’m screwed anyway. Thanks.

Now you see what happens here…my mind goes of on a tangent and I’ve recalled a bit from Billy Connollys show. Remember the one where he said he thought the British national anthem would be livelier if it was the tune from the Archers? So, almost like a word association game, I now find myself drumming my fingers and humming to that!

try ‘Mae hen wlad fy nhadau’ !

Stay With me Baby - Lorraine Ellis (on?)

So sad :frowning: I can’t listen to anything by them just yet x

All by myself, bloody meercats.

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