You know those Tom and Jerry cartoons when the poor beleaguered Tom cops a cast iron frying pan to his head and the sound is a reverberating ding-g-g-g-g-g? Well I’m just getting over this pig of a cold which gives me this every morning when I wake up. It’s ripped through the three of us (poor Rose) and my in laws. It’s developed as its gone lasting for 2 weeks. I haven’t reached the tickly cough stage yet-I currently have a contralto bark. My wife, who has to do a fair bit of singing in her job has suffered the most but for those of us who are affected by the beast there is a distinct sense of injustice.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hope your soon feeling back to normal Steve. Heather protects me like a lion, someone phoned today wanting to call and see us both but Hev detected a hint of a cold in the voice and refused the request.I keep taking vitamin c I doubt it works but makes me feel better. Easter eggs will make you feel better. Don

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Steve I sympathise!! We obviously have the same bug! Every noise is echoing in my poor head and I’m sure my wind pipe is raw from coughing. I feel like death warmed over (literally as I’m suffering with hot sweats too, but that might be an age thing you’ll never have to worry about). I’ve got the vapour rub on (no advertising) and the menthol crystals in boiling water so the eyes match the rosy cheeks.

Hope you feel better soon, if you’ve any effective remedy I’m all ears, but please whisper. Take care.

Cath x