Happy Monday hear you go.. have some Virtigo

Yep, thats right, Virtigo, Like I wanted something else please.

A week on tablets then go back to see the doc to see if in this case its a new symptom or just an inner ear infection.

Personally I havent had a cold, the flu, a cough nothing so how im expected to generate this infection is beyond me but I shall not moan, he was kind and said if it goes after a week on the pills I will stop the meds if it comes back then you have a new symptom ill write to your GP. whish their was another way because if the pills stop it then I am certainly not wanting to stop taking them.

I hope everyone is well or at least hving a good day. I am writing a song for you all, just so you know.

Bless Tom you really have been in the wars at the moment. Will keep my fingers crossed that it’s just a false alarm and the GP is right it’s all an ear infection. I’m glad you’re still staing chirpy though. Hope the meds help - my mother had vertigo very badly a few years back and it was very debilitating for her - she had to crawl out of bed for fear she’d fall.

Looking forward to hearing your song :slight_smile:



Thanks Reemz. I dont care anymore, I have put on a new video with my song, all mine, I think theirs room for another verse but its dedicated to everyone on here!. Ill update my music post so people know. x