Back down the docs

Ok, so I am about to leave to go back to the doctors, I have still had some virtigo symptoms but nowhere near as bad as it got on those pills I was on.

I also called up my nuros office today, I spoke to them nearly 2 weeks go for an update and nothing had been done, so now we are getting on as my MRIs were on the 14th of Feb. Someone said they would speak to her and call me back. Hate this waiting game but hay ho, still in good spirits.

I hope everyone is doing fine and dandy.

They certainly should have the results more than a month later - that’s ridiculous :frowning: I’m on my phone so can’t check who, but someone posted this morning about antihistamines. I got curious and read a bit about their mechanism. It was very interesting - they help all sorts of things! And one of the things they can help is vertigo. So, if you’ve tried other things and they haven’t worked, maybe ask your GP about an antihistamine. Karen x

MS seems to just be a huge waiting game! When I first had my brain MRI done, I had my results in less than 2 hours so I guess if they really want to, they can move things along! Just keep calling the neurologists secretary - he who shouts loudest and all that!

Good luck with your vertigo medication.

It took 9 weeks from my spine MRI to get the results…it’s a horribly long time to wait when you don’t know what’s going on! My first MS ‘event’ was two weeks of vertigo and nausea - they put me on a variety of different tablets but nothing helped, so in the end I had an injection for the nausea. I’m not fond of needles at all, but it really did the trick and once the nausea had subsided I could handle the vertigo a lot better. I’m not sure if you have any nausea to accompany your vertigo, Tom, but if you do then requesting the injection might help a little? Good luck with the trip to the doctors.

Doc just said now stop taking the pills and see if it comes back, If it does then he will right a letter to the nuro with my new symptoms.

Still waiting to hear back from the nuro, but your right I shouted loudest I got my last nuro appointment down from 9 months to 3 weeks.

Bring it on!

also thansk Rizo, I was on stemitil and they did the trick sort of, they helped a lot but didnt irradicate it, I did tell the GP that and he wants me to stop taking them and see. feel like an animal in a lab, what she will try this time ha ha. white fluffy bunny.

Hi Tom,

I know you are not dx but would they send you to see a neuro phisio?

I tried Stemitil but didn’t have much luck with it but the phisio exercises helped me a lot.

Karen - would the antihistamines you are mentioning be the same as hayfever tablets i used to take in the summer. Widely available without prescription? Mine were the non-drowsy ones though.

I said ‘used to take’ because now i’ve been on the rebif for a few years - my hayfever has almost gone in the last 2 years. Not sure if its to do with the rebif or that the pollen levels have been lower. Will see how i go this summer! - very strange!!!


I take cetirizine its an allergy tablet for hayfever and other allergies as I have some kind I allergy. When I went to the Docs about my dizzy spells the nurse advised me to take the tablets daily as they can help with the dizzy spells. I have been taking them daily since I saw her, about 3 weeks ago, and I have been much better. It’s definitely worth giving them ago x

Teresa: I haven’t checked to see exactly which antihistamines are best, but basically yes. Kx

Thanks for the info Karen. Very interesting. I will definately try them if i get the dreaded vertigo again.

Not had it for a long time but it’s good to know in case i end up flat on my face again like last time!


Debs34 thanks for your reply also. x

Tom - sorry for sidetracking your thread. x


no I like it it great, because more people have been helped by K,

I am still waiting to hear back from my nuro they said they will call, maybe I will call them again.

Let us know when you hear tom.

I will do,

I just called again and the secretary said she did speak to her last week and the Nuro said that she was dealing with it and it was in hand, she said still no letters out as of yet so she will leave another note for her today.

In the same boat as you Tom , was told by radiologist that the results would be available in two days . So phoned neurologist only to be told 3 weeks . Then the results would be sent to gp. Don’t believe it though I work in the NHS and when I went for blood tests was told they would take 2 weeks to come back . I said that was rubish as I know for a fact that the results would be available within 2 days I work in the labs ans know everything is done electronically . I know our diagnosis is not life threatening , but to us could be life changing . I just want to be told what is wrong with me so I can try to get on with my life. When I had my originally appointment in January he said that I would probably need a LP depending on scans . This could go on and on . As you can tell I am very frustrated . Pete

Hi Pete,

Good to hear from you, unfortunately you working in the Labs and knowing doesnt help, the nurologist looks at scans with the radiologist so its when they both have time, inbetween clinic duties and walk arounds. It frustrates me but only if I let it but typical time it 3-4 weeks.

The way I look at it is that there are two wolfs “the angry Wolf” and “the happy wolf” Depending on what one you feed when you wake up will depend on what one you get for the day.

I try to be happy wolf but the angry wolf sneaks in and has a nibble occationally, I am no saint thats for sure.

Pete keep being brave, its not easy, its taken me 9 months for me to get this far, the mental struggle harder then the not walking but its not what we do that makes us who we are its how we do it.

My wife once said to me, Tom everything will be alright in the end and if its not alright then its not the end yet. We are all in it together.

Love and peace

Ok just so you all know, I recieved a phone call from my nurologists secretary thismorning to say, there has been no change on my scan it is still the same, if I am still falling about then to see the doctor to get treated for infections, which would be fine if I had a bloddy infection she said this could temporarly make things worse, however its not that its worse this is good, only stumbling and falling a little thats brilliant for me thats a bloody good day. Bad news Ihuge waiting list to see her again until June is the cancellation slots, Ive told them working from home means give me 20 minutes and I can be there. Soooo we will see.

I fear this is how it will be for the rest of my life. but on the plus side, im still pretty ha ha (only joking I way do not love myself that much!)

Good news that there’s nothing new on the scan at least.

Fingers crossed for a cancellation.


Tom , I pray you get a cancellation soon . Keep strong and stay patient . Today I am trying to be positive. Pete

Good man Pete,

Someone my wife knows with Ms gave her some advice to pass on to me, she said no matter if your bad for a dat a week or a month no matter how long things are bad for, remember you will get the good days.

Sometimes it feels like we can no longer cope, we are all stronger and have an inner strength.

I believe you can do it Pete and so should you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful loooooong weekend. I am off down the pub later which may sound nice but im not good on my legs today so lets hope no police stop me and try to tell me im walking stupid because im drunk.

I have also found online a flame walking stick like the one hugh lorrie had in house, Ohhhh yes, £35 but I am pretty sure it will be well worth it.