Massive Leap Forward

Saw my GP today as I’ve finally had enough of the dizziness, difficulty in balancing, feeling extremely nauseous and the whole disconnected feeling. I suspected straight away it was vertigo and she jumped on the boat with me.

I explained I’ve been using this forum to help with support in my limboland and she took note of it for future patients. She even asked what other members had been prescribed for vertigo in the threads I read and if it developed similiar to anyone else. Then gave me first line treatment of prochloperazine. I’m on 10mg three times a day, I’ve been given two weeks worth and we’re gonna see how it goes before being put onto betahistine or cinnazarine, etc.

I told her that after doing some research into the neuro field, I realised that I really am showing signs of MS. Straight away she asked if I felt I was showing the symptoms and I said yes, I think it’s either that or ME (then I broke down in tears). She was so lovely and said I believe you. We just need to get a diagnosis and we’ll get treatment. It’s not the worst thing to have, but not the best either.

I explained that my fitnote was stating just extreme exhaustion and it had given my manager the wrong idea. I had to talk to her yesterday and my god, she spent more time asking what they could do to get me back into work than anything else. So she’s put down all my symptoms and flat out said No, you’re not working. So that’s been a huge relief. Signed off until December so that covers up to the neuro appointment and a bit after too. First christmas with my family in over 5 years!

I’m just wondering if there’s a shorter wait from your first initial appointment with the neuro to the second appointment? Or does it work out being roughly the same? I’ve had to wait 8 weeks for mine (apparently GP was like that’s really quick).

Sorry for the hefty story, just so happy with the GP being supportive and actually listening to me. Taking advice from me on my feelings of what’s going on rather than a text book.

I’m really glad you have had such a positive experience with your GP. She’s definitely one to hold on to!

I hope you get some answers in December.

Glad to hear that things have started to move in the right direction. Good luck with the Neuro, mine have always chosen the next appointment based on how soon test results are back. E.g. if I’m booked in for mri, it can take up to 3 months here, so he books me in for 4 months time. See how it goes and explain about work to him. Best of luck.


Oh Tsuki, that must be a huge relief for you! It can be risky sometimes telling it like it is but it was clearly the right thing to do…and that took courage. Well done you! Wishing you clarity and comfort :heart:

It was the hardest thing telling a GP I’ve done research because I don’t want to go in blind and unarmed. I don’t want to get a diagnosis and then everything just fly over my head. She actually supported me and doing that and said it was the best thing I could do in this situation!

Well I’m hoping since it was an 8 week wait, it might be the same to get an MRI. But the time frame you’ve offered me Leora helped me a lot.

Just hope all of you get the same support I do.

Thanks everyone

Depending where you live, it may be worth checking other nearby hospitals. My hospital which is 30 minutes away said it is an 18 week wait for mri. I am in north wales so checked the wait over the english border one hour away… 4 weeks wait. You can guess which i opted for.

Sounds like you have a wonderful doctor there! I wish you well on your road to diagnosis.

There was no waiting time for any nearby hospital shorter than 8 weeks! In fact on the computer only 2 hospitals showed their waiting time, upon calling one of them it was nearly 5/6 month wait! The other second choice was 16 weeks and was over 30 miles away! I don’t drive and since my dad retired he’s not driving anymore either. So I’m limited in where I can be referred. The furthest away was an hours train journey and I don’t really want a big day of travel to see a neuro.

Plus the city hospital I’m going to, as everyone can probably guess, had a telephone line that never gets picked up and I can’t see if there’s any cancelled appointments. In previous experience they’ve ran to move it forward first if there has been.

NHS can be such a downfall, but I’m thankful I’m not paying out for it privately! xx

So frustrating isn’t it?! Yet we have no choice but to wait and wait. sounds as though i dropped lucky with having a specialist neurological hospital within a sensible distance. try not to let it stress you out; it will soon come around.