Jumping the gun!

I’ve just had a letter from my original neuro, recalling me to his clinic, as he thinks he has been hasty in his diagnosis of myelitis and migraine, as he wasn’t in receipt of the full results of my vep’s/sep’s etc, and had misread my opthalmolgy report! Opthalmolgy confirmed reduced colour and pale optic disc for a second time in October. Well, I knew that! What the?!

Waiting for an appointment now, which I expect will take ages! Going to see my GP on Thursday to see if he can shed any light on it.

Just when you thought they had dx’d your problem Hunny! What a shock for you! You must have lost confidence in this neuro! I hope you finally get some answers. Let us know what your GP says. Good luck, Teresa xx


I am sorry to hear you are stuck in limbo (again) and I hope you get a finalised diagnosis soon. However I would say one thing: at least your neuro is willing to re-assess his work and consider the fact that he may well have been ‘hasty’ rather than mulishly stick to an idea that may (or may not) be incorrect. Maybe I have an odd way of thinking about things (it wouldn’t be the 1st time someone had suggested this) but I would like to be treated by a specialist who is not afraid to analyse the quality of their work and consider the possibility that they have made a mistakeI. Having said that though, I would naturally hope that they got it right the 1st time! If you lack confidence in him then don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

Good luck,

Rae x

Thanks both for your replies.

Its funny really, I was just about getting rid of that knot of anxiety I’ve had whilst in limbo, and beginning to accept the diagnosis I was given, even though it did seem a bit questionable at the time. I’ve not lost faith in him really, I’m glad he is prepared to think again as there has been a lot thrown into the mix, which seemed to make a clear cut diagnosis, of anything, difficult. Their have been several different specialists involved, and in different hospitals in different counties, so its been a bit tricky for everyone I guess!

I’m hoping my GP will be able to clear things up a bit, but last time I saw hime he was as confused and confounded as I was! But, firmly in my corner, which seems pretty uncommon, so I’m gratefull for that.

Take care both of you xx

Just a quick update - I’ve now got an appointment with the neurologist on 30th Jan.

Last week got a call asking for my height and weight (never had that before - measuring me up for my coffin maybe…!), then the phonecall giving me the earliest appointment available, then today the appointment letter turns up with a hospital registration form, amongst other things! For an outpatient appointment. Never had any of this before, so goodness knows what treats are in store for me now!

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Merry Christmas all xxx

Well at least they haven’t left you high and dry Hunny. Perhaps things will move on after this appointment! Teresa xx

Height and weight?! How weird! I’m sure it’s not a coffin though :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for progress on the 30th and a merry Christmas to you too :slight_smile:

Karen x