Waiting for neorology appointment/ any advice on dealing worth sympons while waiting?

Hi there, Im on the waiting list to see a neurologist, I know it can take many weeks.

I’ve had quite a few symptoms such as bladder problems, constipation, extreme fatigue, brain fog, tingling hands, burning in toes, vibratitions in left arm, crawling sensations all over, eye problems. Last week I started to feel really unwell, my balance and dizziness got much worse, my face went numb and my mouth drooped on one side, I ended up in hospital with a suspected stroke, my right side was weaker than the left, had brain MRI and no bleeding so it was put down as neurological. From that day I have developed a limp on the right hand side, the dizziness is dreadful and my eyesight is very blurry even with my glasses on. Now just waiting for that appointment but how to deal with these symptoms beforehand? I’m on amitrytrptline for the crawling/ itching and that really helps. Any ideas for help with the dizziness/ vertigo?

Hi Humbug,

Gosh what an array of symptoms! Was your brain MRI in hospital not looked at by a Neuro?? Having had Vertigo/Labrynthitis a number of times, my GP prescribed Prochlorperazine, 1 tablet 3 x daily which really really helped me. It dramatically reduced the dizziness which in turn reduced the nausea - in fact it seemed to pretty much disappear after a few days.

So probably worth asking your GP about it, to see if he/she thinks it might be worth a try, assuming of course that it doesn’t contraindicate with anything else you may be taking.

Can only speak from my own experience, so please don’t take it as definite medical advice as of course I’m not qualified to give that!

Hope your Neuro appt comes through quickly for you - in fact ask your GP whether there is anything they can do to speed it up - or ring the Neuro secretaries to see whether you can be added to the cancellation list.

Hope things become more comfortable for you very soon,


hi humbug write a list of your symptoms, saying when they started, if they improved/went away/stayed the same. this will give a picture of your experience and will help the neuro. hope you get the result that you want. (i personally wanted the ms diagnosis because i felt that i could handle it) i did handle it well for 8 years, now not so well.

Hi Minnie Mouse, I don’t think my MRI was looked at by anyone other that the stroke team. The stroke consultant said it was probably neurological ( the symptoms) and mentioned demyelination

I will ask my doctor about that medication you suggested, I also think I need to get my eyes tested again, only got new glasses last year but everything so blurry.

Thsnk you for replying!



Thank you Carole for your response, I will write a list of all symptoms etc.

how far back do you need to go? I’m wondering if a sigmoid volvulus ( twisted bowel) back in 2006 was related? Always had bowel problems.

i know what you mean about wanting the diagnosis, because at least then you have a name to all the symptoms and it makes sense whereas if not? What is it? X

I also had a strangulated bowel last year!! A couple of months after this I had the MS relapse which led to me being hospitalised, which in turn led to my diagnosis a few weeks ago.

I never had any bowel issues - went straight from OK on a Monday morning to strangulated bowel with a dead section leading to emergency surgery later that day!

I often think that the trauma of that led to the relapse.

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Oh wow! I only recently saw that a twisted bowel is more common in people with MS. Mine had gangrene segments too, I was on holiday in Thailand when it hit me, I had my operation in a small hospital in Koh Samuii, I’d always had bowel related problems but nothing as severe as that!

How are you now? X