No diagnosis

I suffered a sudden onset of vertigo, that was so bad I could not walk without support. This happened to me, in June 2011. I was seen by my GP and was referred to ENT. Gp diagnosed labrynthitis and also benign tumour in ear. The vertigo continued to be a problem, therefore was still visiting GP CRYING OUT FOR HELP until recieved app for ENT in Sept. MRI was arranged and was seen in Oct. The vertigo had improved by this time and I recieved the results for that in Dec. He informed me that, I may have hardening of the arteries in my brain or maybe MS and would refer me to neurology. Waited patiently for app, with a few visits to GP and A’E in between due to balance, spasms, pain, tremors and worry. I was seen by neurology in march aqnd he advised me that he wished to arrange another MRI. He also appeared concerned when I informed him that I suffered from double vision 20 years ago and MS was suspected then, but was not followed up. I was also diagnosed in 2005 suffering a stroke, due to a slow progress of symptoms, such as numbness of limbs, painful limbs and severe headaches with vomiting. these symptoms didn’t just suddenly happen as they would have done, if it was a stroke, therefore I always had my doubts. So now when I look back over the past years, I feel a lot of questions need answering. I recieved an app from neurology for diagnosis of MRI and he stated he could not confirm MS, and arranged app for lumber puncture which I underwent on Friday. This has been a long journey and can only wait for this long awaited diagnosis.

Still waiting patiently for some response. Just feeling so fed up and hopeless as if in limbo. Hopefully it wont be long now.

hi bibby

from what ive read on here in past posts there is many in your situation.

ms is not straight forwad to give a diagnosis on. neouologists have a criteria to meet plus they need to rule out other things that mimic MS.

others on here will type im sure

i wish you well and hope you get to the bottom of things

atb MTT

Hi bibby

Sorry you are having such a long wait, so many neuro diseases mimic each other so they do sometimes take their time, not that good for the patient who’s waiting. Have you looked on the new diagnosis or not yet diagnosed site? I may not be right with the name but there is something like that out there. Good luck

Love Yvonne xx

Hi I have suffered these symptoms since Nov 2011, also one in July 2010…Had tests for Meniere’s Disease, but not getting results till Oct 2012!!! Feel helpless and annoyed, Dr just seams to fob me off, I tell him how tired I am and how I am feeling, he put it down to the fact I have not worked for a while!!!

Today has been VERY STRESSFUL, and the heat has made this worst, very emotional too, does anyone else get like this?