Vertigo - new one for me

Morning all Well today I woke up, got out of bed and toppled straight into the wall! I feel like I’ve just come off a roundabout or rollercoaster, or have had a couple of bottles of wine! This is a completely new one for me, and I’m guessing it’s vertigo?? Is this likely to be a relapse starting or just another annoying symptom? I’ve been on rebif for 10 weeks so really hoping I’m not about to relapse again. If it carries on, is there anything that can help with these symptoms? Luckily hubby is working at home today so he’s dealt with the kids/school runs etc. I’m not sure if I’ll be ok to drive like this :frowning: Thanks Emma x

Hi Emma. Keep an eye in it but if it lasts more than a couple of days then it could be a relapse. Vertigo was my worst symptom with my most recent relapse. I tried betahistine and stemetil but neither worked. Ended up having steroids which did and a few weeks on the vertigo (which had lingered between two previous relapses) has gone. I didn’t drive - wasn’t safe as I felt like I would pass out and my depth perception was off. Take care, it is really unpleasant isn’t it? I ended up just staying very still. Lots of dubious daytime tv was watched! X

Hi Emma I too have had the dredded vertigo, it feels like ive been out drinking all night, room spinning also get double vision, I was put on some tablets cant remember the name very small one’s but they helped me… I was bed ridden for around 4/5 as could not do anything :frowning: as Sunflower says if it last’s more than a couple of days then yes its a relapse… Hope you feel better soon :)…

Hi Emma

I suffer virtigo too, its horrible. Don’t drive unless you really have to, I find even being a passenger is bad enough! If you’ve got any travel sickness tablets to hand, you could try them as an emergency treatment, I think they are basically a milder version of what you’d be prescribed, and can take the edge off a bit if you’re lucky.

I hope it clears up for you soon xx

Hi Emma Vertigo was what led me to the doctor in the first place. I thought I had labrynthitis, which I have had repeatedly for years !! Now I know. Yuck, yuck, yuck…you have my sympathy. I stopped driving because of it although given a three year licence by the DVLA. And I’ve never driven since…although given that I now have George, I am kind of driving !! I think my nurses general rule of thumb is, if a symptom is new and lasts for more than 48 hours, it’s a relapse, so you might need to report it to your doctor if it carries on. Hopefully it’s a blip or an ear infection and will pass. Fingers crossed !! Xx

I suffered this last year about this time and it lasted for 4 weeks, was,put on stemetil, eventually it went away but i was told it was nothing to do with my ms, mine was when I lay down my head felt like it was moving inside a washing machine.

I suffered this last year about this time and it lasted for 4 weeks, was,put on stemetil, eventually it went away but i was told it was nothing to do with my ms, mine was when I lay down my head felt like it was moving inside a washing machine.

Hi Emma

You can have ongoing vertigo as a symptom of MS without necessarily having a relapse.

If it goes on for more than a few days then I would see your doctor. The vertigo may not be MS related and it needs checking out. Your GP may also be able to prescribe treatment to help you.

I find eye exercises given to me by my physio really help with mine.

I hope it goes away very soon, it is no fun


Thank you so much for all your replies. I went back to bed this morning after the children were at nursery and school, and when I did wake, I just sat and did nothing! It’s eased off now but every now and again my head whirls! I did wonder if it was a side effect of the rebif as I’ve only been on the higher (44) dose for a couple of weeks. Last night I had a couple of glasses of wine (birthday treat!) then did my injection, took ibuprofen for the flu symptoms, then my inhaler for my asthma. Wonder if it was just too much! You all have my love and sympathies as this morning was one of the worst since dx - I can cope with a lot of the problems MS brings but that was horrid! XXX

Hi, vertigo by far my worst problem, getting to the point where i find it difficult to walk. I have been diagnosed with a vestibulae disorder and seeing ENT surgeon next week. I started on Stemetil last week, its supposed to be quite good but can take a while to work. I feel for you its horrible x x x

Hi I had really bad vertigo last spring I had several attacks which lasted about 4/5 hours when all I could do was lay down still with my eyes closed it was very scary. I saw an ENT consultant and he put me on beta blockers the attacks have gone now. I had a MRI scan and it showed it was caused by my MS. I am now deaf in one ear and wearing a hearing aid. I did find that a anti travel sickness drug helped called sturgeon which kept me going it was a very bad time but it does seem to be gone now I hope . Linda