Relapse or not

I have just got over having vertigo for 3 weeks and now I have pins and needles and numbness all down my right hand side my walking is terrible stiff legs wont move properly can’t walk straight Balance is awful is this a relapse after the vertigo and would steroids help. Supposed to be going on holiday in 10 days but don’t know how I will manage. Thanks for any ideas Jenny x

Have you seen the GP or neuro/MS nurse? Sounds like a relapse but they’d need to check for infection first. Worth asking for steroids before your holiday.

Yes wilf seen gp for my vertigo but not yet for my ms symptoms which have only happened since the vertigo has cleared up.


I would think the vertigo and new symptoms were all part of the same relapse, myself (sorry if that’s what you meant).

There are meant to be 30 (or it might be 28 - I always forget which) “clear” days between relapses. If you get new symptoms within the 30 days, they’re all deemed part of the same episode. So it sounds like you’re having a relapse which began with vertigo, and is now presenting with other problems too.

Yes, steroids might help, but not all hospitals are very keen any more, in the light of the risks and side-effects, and the fact they have not been shown to have any influence on the completeness of recovery (only the speed) or the overall course of the disease.

If you make the case that you are supposed to be going on holiday in ten days, they might be slightly more inclined to offer them.



Thanks Tina so can vertigo be classed as a relapse I didn’t know that it’s the first time and hopefully the last time I have it. Thanks jenny x

Hi Jenny,

Any new symptom, or recurrence of an old symptom, that lasts more than 24 hours, and is not triggered by external factors (e.g. an infection), can be classed as a relapse. So yes, you can have a relapse consisting wholly or partly of vertigo.



Thanks for that info Tina had ms for 12 years but there’s always new things I’m learning all the time about it. It’s so unpredictable isn’t it. Jenny x